​Important information to read before you apply:​

Interested in a life-changing experience? S​tudy Abroad is an excellent way to expand your experience, mind and education. At TCSPP, we offer study abroad experiences that are uniquely tailored to our students: 

  • Semester long classes at your TCSPP campus or online that meet at your local campus or online and travel during school breaks  
  • Time outside of country usually between 10 and 15 days during term break  
  • Faculty-Led programs focused on research and topics in the field of psychology

Eligibility Requirements  All TCSPP students in Active status during the term when a program is offered are eligible to apply.  All applications must meet the following at the time of application submission and review:

  • Online application is complete

  • Student is in good academic and conduct standing with TCSPP

  • Student does not face pending or active review with SAC

  • Student does not have billing holds at TCSPP

  • Must agree to the students rights and responsibility agreement (this is included in the application)

Application Criteria: Typically Faculty accept students into their program on a first come, first serve basis. However, it is at the faculty’s discretion to also consider factors such as:

  • Course or Degree Requirements

  • Campus: If program is an online program, the faculty may choose to allot spaces for each campuses

  • Degree Progress

  • Academic and Professional Fit: This can be based on essay, Grade Point Average, interview, etc.

  • Essay review or Interview or both

  • Final selection is at the discretion of the faculty lead and the student’s Department Chair

Students with Disabilities: Students with disabilities who are requesting accommodations should consult the TCSPP handbook for information regarding how to make a request for accommodation. Students are encouraged to contact the appropriate party listed in the student handbook prior to applying for a program and are likewise encouraged to submit any request for accommodation as soon as possible after receiving notification of acceptance to a program.

Notification and Waitlists: Applicants will be notified via e-mail shortly after they apply to confirm that they wish to be enrolled in the course, if they will be placed on a waitlist, or if they do not meet eligibility requirements. If you are selected and decide not to participate, you must send an email to IPS before the end of the add/drop period in which the term the course is listed (On-Ground/Online Term I Calendar), otherwise you will be held responsible for the study abroad program fee.  If you are offered a spot and do not take it, but later reconsider, you can be added back onto the waitlist. If you are added to the waitlist, IPS will email you at your TCSPP email address to inquire if you want to take the spot. We will give you typically 48 hours or a specific time to respond, and if you do not, we will move on to the next person on the waitlist. Once you are placed in a program we will remove your name from other program lists  if you have applied for more than one program.

Course Registration and Student Responsibility:  Upon acceptance, you will be registered for the study abroad course by IPS. After the last day of the add/drop period in which the course is held (On-Ground/Online Term I Calendar), all fees for study abroad are non-refundable.  Upon acceptance and prior to departure you must participate in the Mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation and complete the TCSPP International Travel Registration (ITR) as a requirement prior to travel. Failure to complete these requirement will result in failing the course and not being permitted to participate in the overseas portion of the program.  You will be also responsible to prepare your travel documents for your travel, such as Passport, Visa if needed, Immunization/Vaccine if required by the destination country, cell phone international service activation...

Credit for Study Abroad: Only the Department Chair or Academic Advisor can determine how you may receive credit for a study abroad course. You may receive credit to satisfy a degree requirement, elective credit, or you may be welcomed to enroll in study abroad, but it may not count as credit towards your degree. ​Confirm this before you apply! You can fill out a petition by completing the Course Substitution Petition​​​ before you apply to confirm how your credit will apply to your program.  Please be aware that if it cannot be counted towards your degree requirement, you are still welcome to apply, but you might not be eligible for Financial Aid and the Supplemental Aid to support your program.

What Does Program Fee usually Cover? Can I afford to Study Abroad?: The Study Abroad Program Fee coverage is different from program to program and covers some, but not all expenses.  It usually covers in-country lodging during the program, some meals, some in-country transportation, Supplemental Travel Insurance including Emergency & Evacuation, all program scheduled events and activities.  You are responsible for tuition (the same as you pay for any other courses at TCSPP), the study abroad program fee, airfare, passport fee, visa if needed, vaccination fees if applicable, etc. You may be eligible for aid to cover the cost of some study abroad expenses. Contact your financial aid advisor prior to applying to see if you are eligible for aid and how your aid may be dispersed. Also see additional aid information on our Resources Page.

Program Cancelation:  Friday before each term starts (On-Ground and Online Term I Calendar) is the Run Decision Day​ for IPS to decide which programs can proceed based on the minimum enrollment requirement.  Each program must have minimum 8 enrollment in order to proceed, unless the course is set differently.  If a program has to be cancelled, IPS will email all applicants, so you still have time to register for another course before the Last Day of Add/Drop if you have to maintain a full time enrollment.  If the program is moving forward, we will email you as well with next step information.  ​​

When to Apply:​ 

Programs Offered in Fall 2021​

All Study Abroad Courses follow the On-Ground/Online Term I Academic Calendar   


​First Day to Apply

​*First Day IPS will register students

​*Last Day to A​pp​ly

​**First Day of Classes​

​​Fall/Fall I​2/1/20216/14/2021
​Fall II


Programs Offered in Spring 2022

All Study Abroad Courses follow the On-Ground/Online Term I Academic Calendar


​First Day to Apply

​First Day IPS will register students

​*Last Day to Apply

​​**First Day of Classes

Spring/Spring I​ ​2/1/2021 ​11/1/2021 ​1/7/2022 ​1/10/2022
​Spring II ​2/1/2021 11/1/2021 ​1/7/2022 ​**3/7/2022

* Only if course meets minimum enrollment to proceed. If proceeding,​ we may be able to accept students through add/drop until course reaches maximum capacity. If course is under enrolled by this date, the course is cancelled and students are notified via TCSPP email.​​ 

** Online Term II courses: travel preparations will start when Term I starts in order to have sufficient time to prepare you for travel​ 

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​NOTE:  This is NOT a Field Experience trip or part of the IP or MPH program​​​


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International Programs and Services

TCSPP Faculty-Led Short Term Study Abroad
Spring 2013

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International Programs and Services

TCSPP Faculty-Led Short Term Study Abroad
Spring 2013

 Click here to apply!​