Global Leaders Scho​larship

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Deadline:  Application is not open yet
10 recipients will be selected for $1000 each. Award will be applied to the recipient's student account and apply to any existing balance first.

Scholarship Application Prompt: ​
Please articulate the best experience you have had at TCSPP and discuss your plan for serving as a Global Leader in your future profession. Within the context of your international journey, explain how you plan to contribute to the field of global psychology and how will people in your community benefit.  

Eligibility Criteria:
Applicants for this scholarship:  
- Must have studied with TCSPP for one year or more and remain in Active school status 
- Must be enrolled full time at one of the TCSPP’s on-ground campuses in Fall semester  
- Must have maintained Nonimmigrant Status 
- Applicants can only apply for one scholarship each year offered by IPS  

Options for Application Submission:
- Essay + Photos: Essay must be 1000 words maximum. 3 photos must be included in the essay document. The photos may be a professional profile photo, photo back home, photo at TCSPP studying or working as CWS, Practicum or other professional experiences. Please make sure to provide captions to your photos. Essay Format: Word doc. 

- Video / Youtube: The length of the video can vary between 3-minutes minimum to 15-minutes maximum. The video should demonstrate your experiences as a global leader in the field of psychology. For example: academic experiences, professional presentations, study abroad, practicum and other professional experiences. Reading an essay in front of a camera is not considered as a video submission. Video Format: Youtube, mp4, google drive. 

- Blog or Online Scrapbook: Content must be 1000 words maximum. Minimum 3 photos must be included in the submission and can be a profile photo, photo back home, photo at TCSPP studying or working as CWS, Practicum or Internship. Format: Presentation, slides, other online format that allows access. Please make sure to provide captions to your photos. 

2020 Winners

Sandhya Talatam, India, MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling
“One of the unique learning experiences that I got at TCSPP is facing the global pandemic, which has created severe mental health crises. This has put me and my professors at the forefront, encouraging us to adapt to technology and new platforms for mental health services."
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Isha Mahajan, India, PsyD Clinical Psychology

“My passion of working with immigrant families has strengthened because of my experiences at TCSPP, an institute that prides itself on its international student body, conducting research and clinical work with diverse populations."​

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Ehi Agbashi, Nigeria, MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling
“At TCSPP, I have been able to take the lessons I learned in my classroom and apply them. The information I have can be applied across borders. I am currently working on bridging the gap between access to mental health in Nigeria."

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SehYoung Kim, South Korea, PsyD Clinical Psychology
“I am excited about the experiences and knowledge I will obtain from TCSPP, as well as the connections that I will continue to build with my colleagues and professors. With my international journey and the experiences I have had thus far at TCSPP, I feel prepared to be a global leader contributing to the field of clinical psychology."

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Simran Agarwal, India, PsyD Clinical Psychology
Change begins with acceptance. Therefore, I hope to normalize mental health issues in India, so individuals start noticing and accepting their reality, in order to change their environment."

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Harold Steger, Canada, PsyD Clinical Psychology
“TCSPP has provided me the opportunity to continue to work towards the career goal that I have had for over 15 years.  Through the Clinical Psychology program and the TCSPP community as a whole, I have been able to continue to grow and develop not only as a soon-to-be professional in the field of forensic and police psychology, but also as a future Global Leader."

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Aldrin Tan, Philippines, MA Applied Behavior Analysis
“Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the best things that took place is the opportunity to apply the conceptual knowledge to practice through my practicum. I was never alone in this trying experience. Both the onsite supervisor, who is an adjunct faculty of TCSPP, my professors, and the international team were readily available just one email away."

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Aira Agbayani, Philippines, MA Forensic Psychology
“By creating bridges with other countries in communicating and advocating for psychology and mental health field, we can enrich and boost the exchange of knowledge and practices. I am keen to have the honor of being one of the people to encourage these exchanges."

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Camila Ramirez, Colombia, MA Marriage and Family Therapy
“The community work that I've been doing for the past year has helped me provide counseling services using a trauma-focused approach. After finishing this program, I would like to go back to my home country and become a global leader by creating a support program for survivors of domestic violence and abuse."

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Chiamaka Nwazojie, Nigeria, MA Counseling Psychology
“I come from a part of my country where Psychology is not understood. I want to make an impact in the world of Psychology, especially Black Psychology and African-American Psychology."
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2020 Runners-up

Darshita Shah, India, PhD Business Psychology
“My long-term vision and purpose are to open a consulting company in India to help organizations build an empowering, influential, and diverse leadership teams. Educating individuals to shift from a fixed to a growth mindset, I want to use my TCSPP knowledge, professors' teachings, and practical experience to develop a leadership model that focuses on best practices for diversity, inclusion, and positive psychology."
Hardik Kotak, India, MA Counseling Psychology
“My community-based efforts would be directed towards Social Justice issues. This would hopefully lead to an improvement in the overall awareness and collective mental health of the Indian population, which in-turn would lead to advancements in the field of Global Psychology."
Gabriela Baumann, Canada, PsyD Clinical Psychology
“I am so thrilled to have these clinical experiences as part of my training at TCSPP. I truly see this incredible opportunity as one that could, like my experience as a writing coach at TCSPP, be another steppingstone toward my legacy as a global scholar."

Sharon Tawiah, Ghana, MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling
“I am ready to go back home and help with advocating for mental health in Ghana. The stigma back home is still strong, and I want to help eradicate that. With the experience I have gained, I believe I am ready to be a counselor in my home country."  
Selina Rager, Germany, MA Applied Behavior Analysis
“My classmates have come together to form a network of support that has been a continuous motivating force during my years at the university. I have never belonged to a cohort that so selflessly helps one another to become the most competent behavior analysts possible."
Nicole Flanagan, India, MA Industrial/Organizational Psychology
“My career is aspiring to drive my full potential in the global business by employing the knowledge thus attained at this prestigious school, by harnessing my talents and skills within human resources." 
Preetika Kumar, India, MA Counseling Psychology
“I hope to dig deeper into the humanness of someone before anything. I hope to pass on this hope for a better world by becoming a part of the process of change and devotion to helping others." 
Yilin Ni, China, PhD Applied Clinical Psychology
“My practicum experiences at TCSPP have been a turning point for me to change my perspective being a therapist. It has helped me understand people and help them understand and accept themselves."
Caroline Campbell, Canada, PsyD Clinical Psychology
“I truly believe that my journey with TCSPP plays an instrumental role in these personal discoveries. I am now gaining tangible tools through my education to implement my ideas and achieve my goals. For that, I am truly appreciative."  
Sindile Dlamini, South Africa, PhD International Psychology
“From a learning perspective, I have mastered three essential graduate-level teaching skills: (1) teaching in a remote face-to-face virtual modality; (2) facilitating the Capstone presentations and providing feedback to students; (3) observing and participating in a role play as one of the forms of interactive teaching."
Vanessa Coutinho, India, MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling 
“I think that this CMHC Program offered by TCSPP has endowed me with the necessary skills, confidence and self-belief to reach out to the teeming millions to offer Mental Healthcare." 
Amina Ayodeji-Ogundiran, Nigeria, PhD Organizational Psychology
“Looking ahead, there are several ways that my TCSPP experience has impacted me. Understanding work, life, career, and success from a psychological perspective offers new insights. There are no limits to what my degree can and will do for me."

2019 Winners

​Claire Openshaw
​Rooha Rowhani
Harold Wolf Steger
​Darshita Shah
Isha Mahajan
Jennifer Drummelsmith
​Tong Yu
Yu-Tuo Liao
​Sindile Dlamini
Simran Agarwal
​Vanessa Coutinho
Akansha Chawla
Arije Rabhi
​Kevin Neil Cedrick
Yoojin Cho​