​Handbook  ​

Student Handbook for Travel Abroad Programs​​​​

Rights and Responsibilities

TCS Global Participant Rights and Responsibility Agreement​​

Pre-Departure Orientation - Health & Safety

Please Review: Welcome Abroad! Health & Safety for Global Programs​ ​​​

Please complete the Review Confirmation Assignment​​​​​​​ and send it to [email protected], or your IP Administrator, or MPH Department as instructed for required Field Experience Program assessment.  


Supplemental Financial Aid to support your Travel Abroad program​​​

Do I need a visa?​

All students who will be travelling abroad should read the Department of State's Country Information Sheet for their destination. This information sheet will provide you the most accurate and current information regarding visas and travel conditions.

Study Abroad/Field Experience Travel Insurance​: 

All TCSPP-sponsored student abroad programs are required to enroll all participants in our school's plan. This supplemental plan covers sponsored faculty and students while they are in their program with additional coverage of a student or faculty's regular health insurance plan with special insurance for travel. Please note that a​ll inquiries and assistance with claims must be handled directly through their insurance carrier and TCSPP and International Programs and Services do not manage any insurance claims or reimbursements.

All programs sponsored by TCS Education System and its affiliates (collectively TCS) include international travel insurance and emergency travel assistance services. This plan can provide supplemental medical coverage for emergency sickness or injuries, as well as other important coverages for emergency medical evacuation, security evacuation, accidental death & dismemberment, and others. The plan covers regular, full-time and part-time students, faculty, employees, volunteers, and guests of TCS, while on TCS sponsored and approved international travel outside of the United States and Home Country, for educational programs and/or business on behalf of TCS. Coverage also extends to personal deviations, not to exceed seven days, undertaken while on, but unrelated to the sponsored and approved trip. Please note, that all inquiries and assistance with claims must be handled directly through the insurance company. TCS does not manage any insurance claims or reimbursements​.

Deviation: This is automatically included and is up to 7 days before and after the Program Dates. The total days (7) applies to consecutive. Please be aware of that Deviation coverage is not applicable to destinations other than your travel abroad country. 

Visit the centralized webpage​ for information on:

Prescription Legality Check:​

Use the number on the TCS Wallet Card to call and ask for assistance. The AXA's Medical Team will review the request and provide necessary information. It might take a week or two when the team work on your request, so please call as soon as you can if you are going to bring some preseciption medicines. 

Military Veterans Study Abroad

​​Veterans are a growing population on U.S. college campuses, and education abroad offices are finding ways to better understand how best to help them use their educational benefits to fund study abroad.

Please follow these two two links about Veterans Study Abroad​:

​Helping Military Veterans Study Abroad

Using Veteran's Benefits for Education Abroad​​

Helpful Links for Travelers:​

U.S. State Department ​

Currency Conversions

U.S. Postal Service​

Centers for Disease Control: Health Information listed by country, and vaccination and immunization requirements

Embassies and Consulates of the World: Directory and search engine of every nation's embassies

Passengers with Disabilities​

Mobility International: Information on international exchange for people with disabilities

LGBTQ Links​: Resources for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered international student community and study abroad students
Cell Phone Tips ​​

Global Wifi​

Website for Discounted Student Airfare




World Electricity Guide

Electricit​y Voltage and Outlet Information

Tools and Advice for International Travelers​


Destinations, Tips, Insurance, Bookings and more


Publisher of Travel and Reference Information


Expert Travel Advice for International Trip


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