Required Travel Forms

International Travel Registration requires you to have a passport, itinerary, emergency contact, medical and  accommodation information. You may log in as many times as you wish to provide the information; your profile will be saved as long as you sign the electronic signature on the form. Failure to complete the registration may result in inability to participate in your TCSPP sponsored travel program.

Travel Abroad Programs​:​

International Travel Registration​- must be submitted  no later than one month prior to travel unless Faculty Leader requires submission earlier.

A​ccess Abroad - Supplemental Accommodation Request for Students Traveling on TCSPP-Sponsored Int'l Programs​​​​


  • ​You will need your TCSPP log​ in and password to access these forms. If you do not know your log in or password or need assistance​ with logging in or resetting your password, contact the TCSPP Help Desk at 800.747.8367 (toll free) or 312.467.8600 or by email at [email protected].
  • To attach a picture of your passport: a simple way to accomplish this task is to take a picture of your passport with a smartphone, and then email the picture to yourself.  Save the picture on to your computer, and then upload the picture as an attachment in your registration. 
  • Problems attaching passport? Firefox is the recommended browser. Try completing the form in Firefox if you have problems uploading your passport.
  • Don't Forget to Click: SUBMIT! When you finish the form! The data will not be submitted unless you click: SUBMIT!​​​