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Forms for International Students



Newly Admitted Students​​:

Reason to use this form:

International Student Inform​ation Form​​

Biographical form for all incoming international students (required)

Affidavit of Financial Support​

Financial form for incoming international students (required if student is financially sponsored by someone other than self)

Transfer-In Form​​​​​

For international students transferring into The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (required if transfering from another U.S. institution)​

Financial Requirements for F-1 Students​​​​​​​​

Financial overview of amount needed for all incoming international students ​​​



​​Reason to use this form:

Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
Application and Instructions
​Instructions and application for international students requesting work authorization for practicum/internship requirement (required)
On-Campus Student Employment letter template​​Template for on-campus supervisor to complete for inter​​​national student to obtain Social Security Number. ​​
Optional Practical Training (OPT)
Application and Instructions

OPT Employment and Direct Relationship to
​Field of Study​
​Instructions and application for international students requesting work authorization after completion of degree program (required)​​

Explanation of a direct relationship between OPT Employment and Major Area of Study For F-1 Non-Immigrantion Students to determine compliance with the United States Federal Regulations. Your DSO will review and SEVP will monitor and review it through your SEVIS Portal Account. 
OPT Employment Update Form​​​To update employer contact information while on OPT (required whenever changes occur with OPT employer)​
Form I-765​ and Instructions from USCIS​​This form is used to request an employment authorization document for your OPT or other Off-Campus Employment.
Form I-765 Notes and Instructions​Only use this form to review notes from TCSPP to assist you when you are completing the official I-765 form.  DO NOT submit this to USCIS.
​​Form G-1145​​​​​This form is used to request an electronic notifiaccation when USCIS accepts your immigration applications.
​​Form G-1450​​Use this form for Credit Card Authorizations with USCIS.  Only for certain forms, please read the instructions. 
J-1 A​cademic Training Application and Instruction​Job Offer Template for employers and application form for international students in J1 status requesting work authorization for practicum/internship.​
J-1 Academic Training Evaluation Form​​​Evaluation form to be filled out by students participating in the J-1 academic training.


​Maintaining Status:

​Reason to use this form:

Address Update Form

​To update home address and contact information (required whenever changes occur with physical address or phone number)

Change of Program/Level Request Form

​For international students to change their academic program or degree level​/type

​Departure Verification Form

For international students departing their program and the institution who no longer require F-1/J-1 status sponsorship

Extension of I-20/DS-2019 Request Form​

To request an extension on I-20/DS-2019 program end date

Full Course of Study Authorization Form

​​​​For international students who are fufilling all course requirements, but will be under full-time enrollment for their academic program 

Good Standing Letter Request Form​

​​Request for good standing letter from your DSO​

​​Reduced Course Load Authorization Form

​Request to drop below full-time status for extenuating circumstances

Reinstatement Request FormReinstatement Application Request Form and Instructions

​​​Student Personal Information Change Request Form​​​​Request form needed to request a 1098T form for tax purposes. Must be submitted to the Office of the Registar by September 25 each year you request a 1098T. A copy of your SSN or ITIN is required when submitting your form.​

Transfer-Out form​​​

​For international students transferring out of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (required if transfering out to another U.S. institution)​​


 Global Impact Scholarship

Global Impact Scholarship

GLobal Impact-International Impact Scholarship Logo.PNG

Recipients of the Global Impact Scholarship are international students selected based on essay submission (1000-3000 words)​​, which shares their story of the journey from their home country to The Chicago School and how their education will help them impact the field of psychology on a global scale. 

Application opens after June 1, 2019 for 2019 Global Impact Scholarship

Deadline: October 1, 2019 

2019 Scholarship will award international students, with first place receiving $2000, and runner ups​ receiving​ $1000 each. 

To be eligible for consideration, applicants must be ne​w or returning international students, enrolled full time at one of TCSPP's on-ground campuses in Fall 2019 and have maintained your non-immigrant status​. Past scho​larship recipients are not eligible.

​Click here​ to apply
2018 Winners
Annita Palizi - Great Britain, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology 
Arije Rabhi - Tunisia, M.A. Marital and Family Therapy
Harold Steger - Canada, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology 
Sandhiya Baladhandapani - India, M.A. Counseling Psychology  
Isha Mahajan - India, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology 
Judith Crabbe - Ghana, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology 
Kevin DeDace - Philippines, Ph.D. Organizational Leadership  
Kgololesego Ledibane - South Africa, M.A. Forensic Psychology 
Tong Yu - China, M.A. Industrial and Organizational Psychology 
Nattagorn Wongjantara - Thailand, M.A. Counseling Psychology 
Parita Gala - India, M.A. Industrial and Organizational Psychology 
Sindile Dlamini - South Africa, Ph.D. International Psychology 
Vanessa Coutinho - India, M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling 
2017 Winners

Rooha Rowhani - South Africa, PsyD. Clinical Psychology

Akshaya Parthasarathi - India, M.A. Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Anindita Panda - India, M.A. Counseling Psychology

Bilge Karakulak - Turkey, M.A. Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Carla DaCunha - South Africa, M.A. Counseling Psychology

Ching Yu Chen - Taiwan, M.S. Applied Behavioral Analysis

Darshita Shah - India, M.A. Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Dianing Lupitasari - Indonesia, M.A. Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Ioanna Xenophontos - Cyprus, M.A. Counseling Psychology

Jesmin Akter - Bangladesh, PhD. Business Psychology

Lulu Kavishe - Tanzania, PhD. Business Psychology

Seh Young Kim - South Korea, PsyD. Clinical Psychology

Suchismita Kadam - India, M.S. Applied Behavioral Analysis

Syed Hamza Quadri - Pakistan, PsyD. Clinical Psychology

SzuYu Yang - Taiwan, M.A. Marriage & Family Therapy

Tricia Dangcalan - Philippines, M.A. Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Tsvetomila Kachovska - Bulgaria, PhD. Organizational Leadership

Zeel Kinkhabwala - India, M.A. Industrial/Organizational Psychology

2016 Winners​

Winifred Nakitare - Kenya, M.A. Forensic Psychology

Ruchita Chandrashekar - India, M.A. Counseling Psychology

Lu Jin - China, M.A. Counseling Psychology

Terrell Black - The Bahamas, M.A. Counseling Psychology

Jennifer Drummelsmith - Canada, PsyD. Clinical Psychology

Gabriela Baumann - Canada, PsyD. Clinical Psychology

Rickell Curry - The Bahamas, M.A. Counseling Psychology

Yipian Yang - China, PsyD. Clinical Psychology

Martine Soernskog - Norway, M.A. I/O Psychology

Simran Agrawal - India, M.S. Applied Behavior Analysis

Nyasha Chikowore - Zimbabwe, PsyD. Clinical Psychlogy


2015 Winners

Claire Openshaw - South Africa, Counseling

Lirio Rubyrose - Philippines, Industrial & Organizational

Lai Nickolas - Malaysia, Industrial & Organizational

Elissa Hashemi - Iran, Organizational Leadership

Maron Mwai - Kenya, Industrial & Organizational

Sindile Dlamini - South Africa, International Psychology

Zhenni Li - China, Counseling

Manuel Murillo - Columbia, Counseling

Jewel Taylor - The Bahamas, Forensic

Karina Kuzemkina - Russia, Industrial & Organizational

2014 Winners

Jin Kylie Roxas -  from Philippines - Counseling Psychology​

Kgololesego Ledibane  – from South Africa – Forensic Psychology

Nibha Rastogi – from United Kingdom – Industrial & Organizational Psychology

Philo Oyoua Lomba – from Gabon – International Psychology

Tara Frem – from Canada – Clinical PsyD​​​​

 Global Leaders Scholarship


Global Leaders Scho​larship

GLobal Impact-International Impact Scholarship Logo.PNG

The GLS is an award available to TCSPP international students only. Selection is based upon an essay in which an applicant shares their experience at TCSPP, describes how TCSPP has impacted their professional development, and discusses their plans for serving as a Global Leader in their profession.

Application opens after June 1, 2019 for 2019 Global Leader Scholarship

Deadline: October 1, 2019 

2019 Scholarship will award international students, with first place receiving $2000, and runner ups​ receiving​ $1000 each. 

Eligibility Requirements

An applicant must:

·         Have studied with TCSPP for a minimum of one academic year

·         Be enrolled fulltime at a TCSPP's ground campus in Fall 2019

·         Have maintained their non-immigrant status

​Click here​ to apply

 First 24 Hrs

Welcome to the United States

My flight has officially landed.  Now what should I do?


Checkpoint 1: Passport Control/Immigration

Look for the Non-U.S. Citizen/Visitors line

This area does not allow the usage of cellphone or camera.  Please turn them off.

Have your documents ready:
1. I-20 or DS-2019
2. SEVIS Fee Receipt
3. Passport and Visa
4. Other supporting documents if applicable (for example, financial documentation)

Sample Questions to Expect from the CBP Officer

Stay calm and answer questions to the best of your knowledge.

  • Where are you from? 
  • What is your final destination?  
  • Why are you here?  
  • What are you going to study?  
  • What is the name of your school?  
  • Who is your International Student Advisor?  
  • Who is paying for you?  
  • Where will you stay?

Once you are cleared, the officer will

  • Ask for your fingerprints
  • Take your photo
  • Stamp your passport, usually on the visa page

Make sure to check the stamp if there is any error: date of entry, visa status (F1 or J1)

Checkpoint 2: Baggage Claim

​Check the monitor, look for your flight number and what carousel your baggage is arriving on. Special sized baggage will arrive in a different carousel. Please ask an attendant for help.

Checkpoint 3: Custom Service



If you do not know where an item is allowed to enter the U.S., please claim it on the blue Custom Form and let the officer decide whether you can take it or not.  If you do not claim it, you might be fined a minimum of $300.00.  Fruit, meat and poultry are not allowed.

1.  Have your blue Customs Declaration Form in hand and ready for the Custom Officer.
2. The officer will decide if you can exit or if they have to conduct a baggage check. 

Now you are in the United States!

Airport Pick-Up

If you have some to pick you up, they will be waiting for you at the exit after you pass customs.  Always have a person's cell phone number in case they are running late, cannot make it, cannot find you or has made another arrangement for you.  Always have a back up plan (taxi/shuttle service).

Need pick-up from the airport?


---> Click here​ for airport pick-up service​ <-​--

Hungry? You should be by now.  What kind of food?

You arrived in the U.S., checked in with your new home, you you realize you are hungry but have no idea what to eat!  


Yelp is a good guide and gives you an idea about what is good around where you live.  Enter the city and zip code and it will tell you what restaurants are around and what rating they have with other Yelp users.

More tips for...

Your first 24 hours in California

Your first 24 hours in Chicago

What's Next?

  • ​Log on CBP’s website to get your I-94 Admission Number and print it out for future use, ex. Social Security Number, Driver’s License, travel…
  • Secure all your important documents.
  • Find out how to get to school and the campus.
  • Get familiar with your surroundings.
  • Find out how to purchase the ticket for transportation.
  • Participate in the orientation and meet with your International Student Advisor
  • Open a bank account and get a Debit Card (bank card)

Review the Living Guide for your campus

California Living Guide

Chicago Living Guide - Coming Soon

Washington, DC Living Guide - Coming Soon

IPS Contact

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your International Student Advisor (Designated School Official-DSO)

 First Friends Program

First Friends Program

[email protected]

The First Friends Program matches new international students with continuing students from similar geographic area, cultural background, nationality, and academic program. The purpose of The First Friends Program is to provide new students with personal and professional support during their transition into the United States for their first semester at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology!  This is a great opportunity for new international students to acclimate to The Chicago School academically, professionally, and personally.  

Please review the First Friend Handbook before you fill out the application: Handbook
New international students: Click
here to request a First Friend!
Continuing students: Click here to become a First Friend to a new international student


Contact Us

Office of Internationl Programs
​(800) 595-6938​​, Option 6