Study A​broad Programs

All programs require registration in the designat​ed course. Upon a complete application and review, IPS will contact you to confirm your interest and will register you in the corresponding course. The Study Abroad Program Fee covers some, but not all expenses, which can include in-country transportation, lodging, meals, etc. You are responsible for tuition, the study abroad program fee, airfare, passport fees, vaccination fees, etc. Faculty Leads for some programs have provided breakdowns, see below. If you are looking for further cost breakdown or course related information, please contact the Faculty Lead. For all other questions, please contact studyabroad@thechicagoschool.edu.​
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NOTE:  This is NOT a Field Experience trip or part of the IP or MPH program​ 
Traveler safety is of the utmost importance. A risk assessment is conducted for all study abroad programs. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and each country’s travel and quarantine policies may impact planned programs

Join us for Study Abroad!

Take your personal and professional development to the next level. While people around the world continue to grapple with COVID-19, The Chicago School remains steadfast in its commitment to offering life-changing international learning experiences. After this time in history is behind us, travelling abroad with a TCSPP program will offer you the opportunity to explore our changing and evolving world.​ 

​Fall 2021

TCSPP All Ca​m​pus Offerings
​​New Zealand: IS610AZ Power of One- New Zealand: Cultural Conflict Resolution; Led by Dr. Lauren Friedman and Matt Le-Brasseur
United Arab Emirates: IS610 Power of One- UAE: Psychology, Education, Advanced Technologies, and Mental Health in the UAE; Led by Dr. Kelly Torres and Dr. Katherine Green
United Kingdom: PY562- UK: Global Education- Exploring UK; Led by Dr. Nahid Nasrat
TCSPP DC Campus Offering

Peru: FO639SA Peru: Happiness Comes in Peaks, Valleys, and Cevche: A Review of Positive Psychology in the US and Peru; Led by Dr. Tamara Blake
Cross-affiliate Programs to all Campuses

​Mexico: IS600E: Education Beyond Borders: Good Health and Wellbeing in Context- Mexico; Led by multiple faculty from different affiliates

 Spring 2022

TCSPP All Ca​mpus Offerings

Brazil: IS610 Power of One- Brazil: Examining the Psychological Impact of Violence, Incarceration, and Collective Trauma in Brazil; Led by Melissa Jajko
France: IS610 Power of One- France: Aging and Living Independently with Alzheimer's Disease or Other Neurocognitive Disorders; Led by Dr. Emma Grace
Israel: IS610 Power of One- Israel & Palestinian Territory: Disability Services in the Cultures of Israel and Palestininan Territories; Led by Dr. Susan Flynn and Dr. Paula Danquah-Brobby
Northern Ireland: MP695SA- Northern Ireland: Trauma, Pain, and Politics in Northern Ireland; Led by Dr. James Galezewski and Dr. John Darland
Peru: IS610 Power of One- Peru: Intersection of Diverse Fields of Psychology within the Peruvian Culture; Led by Dr. Kelly Torres and Dr. Alisha DeWalt
South Africa: ABA583B Special Topics III- South Africa:Study of Public Service in South Africa; Led by Dr. Amanda Mahoney and Dr. Annette Griffith
Switzerland: IS610AK Power of One- Switzerland: Spirituality and Addiction: A Jungian Analytic Approach to Addiction Treatment; Led by Dr. Melody Bacon
Vietnam: IS610 Power of One- Vietnam: Global Dexterity and Wellbeing in Cross Cultural Contexts; Led by Dr. Robyn Catagnus and Aubri Adkins