Study Abroad Syllabus

Program Syllabus Samples

Please click on the link below to access a syllabus for study abroad programs PLEASE NOTE: These are for student and departmental reference only and are sample syllabus;  information, such as semester, meeting times, vary prior to the start of the semester/term.

TCSPP Study Abroad Tentative Syllabi:
​​​Austria: ​​​Power of One- IS610P; Led by Dr. Rhodes
Bhutan: Power of One- IS610U; Led by Dr. Peddle and Dr. Browne​​
BrazilAdvanced Play Therapy- PC/PY543; Led by Dr. Kenefick
Brazil: Power of One- IS610; Led by Dr. Melissa Jajko
Chile​​: Trauma in an International Context- PC/PY563-; Led by Dr. Bothne
ChinaSpecial Topics- AB583SA; Led by Dr. Flynn and Dr. Zhang
ChinaStudy of China- PB624; Led by Dr. Williams​
ChinaPower of One- IS610; Led by Dr. Torres
China: Power of One- IS610; 
Led by Dr. Zhang and Dr. Mahoney 

Costa RicaGender and Peace Building- MP695SA; Led by Dr. Hirschbeck and Dr. Moore
CubaPower of One- IS610AM; Led by Dr. Schwab
Denmark​: Power of One- IS610AN​; Led by Dr. Catagnus
FinlandPower of One- IS610AY; Led by Dr. Torres
France​​: Power of One- IS610​; Led by Dr. Grace
Gamb​ia: ​​​
​Power of One- IS610
Germany​Intergenerational Trauma in Germany- PC/PY563SA; Led by Niesluchowski 
Ghana: Power of One- IS610; Led by Dr. Mickens 
GreeceEthics and Professional Issues- FO611A; Led by Dr. Davison
GuatemalaGuatemalan Community- CC521; Led by Dr. Santiago-Rivera
Hong KongPower of OneIS610AH
Iceland: Power of One- IS610; Led by Dr. Benesh
IndiaEastern Practices and Psychotherapy- PC/PY563SA; Led by Dr. Kenefick
IndiaPower of One- IS610AU; Led by Dr. Roman
Indonesia​: Power of One- IS610AO; Led by Dr. Luhmann
IndonesiaPower of One- IS610AP; Led by Dr. Wasserman
Israel: Power of One- IS610; Led by Dr. Flynn
Psychology in an International Context- FO643SA; Led by Dr. Zarse
​IsraelGlobal Perspectives- CM655; Led by Dr. Stretch
ItalyPower of One- IS610A​B; Led by Dr. DeFeo
Japan​​​: Power of One- IS610Q
Myanmar (Burma)​: Power of One- ​IS610AJ; Led by Dr. Peddle and Dr. Browne
NetherlandsSpecial Topics- PB624SA; Led by Dr. Williams
New Zealand​​​Power of One- IS610; Led by Dr. Friedman and Dr. Le Brasseur
NicaraguaPower of One- IS610; Led by Dr. Peddle and Dr. Browne​​
Northern Ireland​​Trauma, Pain, and PoliticsMP695SA; Led by Dr. Galezewski
PeruGlobal Perspectives- CM655SA; Led by Dr. Hudson
Peru​Special Topics- PB624; Led by Dr. Malayter
Peru: Happiness Comes in Peaks, Valleys, and Ceviche- FO643SA; Led by Dr. Blake
Peru: Power of One- IS610; Led by Dr. Torres
Sierra LeonePower of One- IS610T; Led by Dr. Peddle
Singapore/MalaysiaPower of One- IS610​AS; Led by Dr. Catagnus
SloveniaPower of One- IS610​AQ; Led by Dr. Torres
South AfricaRacism and​ Trauma- CM655SA; Led by Dr. Lee
South Africa​Power of One- IS610L​; Led by Dr. Torres
South AfricaSpecial Topics- AB583B; Led by Dr. Mahoney
South AfricaTrauma, Healing, and Reconciliation- PC/PY563A; Led by Dr. Kenefick
Switzerland​​​​​​​​Power of One- IS61​0AK; Led by Dr. Bacon
SwitzerlandPower of One- IS61​0A​V; Led by Dr. Hughes
RwandaPower of One- IS61​0A
Trinidad and TobagoPower of One- IS61​0AR; Led by Dr. Sukal
UAE Dubai​​Disability in Dubai- AB583SA; Led by Dr. Brant
UAE​: Power of One- IS610- Exploring the UAE; Led by Dr. Torres 
UgandaPower of One- IS61​0A​V; Led by Dr. Cheng
United Kingdom​: Special Topics- PY562- Psychosocial Mental Health of Refugees; Led by Dr. Nasrat
Vietnam​Power of One- IS61​0Led by Dr. Catagnus
Zambia​​Power of One- IS61​0B; Led by Dr. Newlove

Cross-School Interdisplinary Study Abroad Tentative Syllabus:

IS600:  Germany 2016 - Immigration in Context-Examination of Germany​​​​
IS600B:​ Austria 2018- Global Leadership, Networking and Cultural Intelligence in Context: Examination in Austria ​​​
IS600B:Austria 2019 - Humanistic Traditions and Perspectives on Culture, Spirituality, Leadership, and Creativity - Examination in Austria​​​​​
IS600C:South Africa 2018 - Identity In Context: Examination of South Africa