International Health Insurance

All full-time international students in on-ground programs who are in F-1 and J-1 status are required to have health insurance coverage that meets minimum requirements as set forth by TCSPP in order to maintain their student status.​​​​

​Please use the below slides for more information:


​Monthly Premium* - GeoBlue Plan PPO​:

​​​Please find the below premium rates for the 2020-21 academic year. Note that a student is charged the annual amount, and the charge is applied to the student account.

Fall 2020-2021 Rate




+ Children











*The premium is subject to change by the vendor without notice.


​Annual coverage begins August 15th and ends August 14th the next year. Coverage can be prorated by month within the policy year. Each month starts on the 15th and ends on the 14th. 

Both new and continuing international students starting during the Fall 2020 semester will have coverage beginning August 15, 2020 - August 14, 2021.

Students enrolling for a first day of coverage between August 15th and September 14th will be charged the same annual rate and will have coverage effective 24 hours after their enrollment request is processed by the school. Coverage is not retroactive.​ 

Please note: If you decide to withdraw from the coverage due to a Leave of Absence or withdrawal from school before the annual coverage period ends, you will be responsible to email​ to request for refund at the prorated monthly rate.​


All registered international students are automatically and annually enrolled in the GeoBlue Plan PPO​, unless proof of comparable coverage is submitted. Once enrolled, you will receive an email similar to the template below from GeoBlue and will be able to access your account to view brochures, coverage, and print your ID. 

TCSPP Welcome Email Template

Welcome to GeoBlue! As a GeoBlue member, you have the health insurance coverage and technology powered services you need to stay safe and healthy throughout your journey.
Get started by registering:*

Visit GeoBlue Students​ and click "LOG IN OR REGISTER".

Be sure to have your Certificate Number available: QHS*********G.
You can now take advantage of our convenient services:
·    Print your ID card
·    View your member guide
·    Review your plan benefits
·    Locate carefully selected, trusted providers and hospitals.

You can also register through the GeoBlue App. Download the app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon App Store for convenient access to your ID card and self-service tools.

If you have questions or need assistance, please call us at +1.844.268.2686 or collect at +1.610.263.2847.



*If you have previously registered, please login using the em​ail address and password currently on file. Click here​ to reset your password.

 Waiver Application

If you apply to waive, you must document evidence of coverage through an online waiver submission by the deadline of each semester.  Completion of the waiver submission will inform you if your waiver is approved or not.

--- > Click here for the waiver application <---

Waiver deadline for Fall 2020 is Sunday​​ September 6th, 2020​​

  • If approved, you will be required to send evidence to One of the following documents can be considered as evidence:

  1. ​Copy of your insurance ID card​

  2. Copy of a letter from your insurance company indicating your coverage and effective date and length of coverage.​

If approved, your waiver is valid through the duration of the coverage year. All international students must waive out on an annual basis - an approved waiver does not cover the length of a degree program.​

​If denied, you will be automatically enrolled in the GeoBlue plan.​

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