​​Academic Training (AT) is a benefit for J-1 students who must have completed at least one semester on J-1 status. It is employment authorization allowing J-1 students to gain practical experience that is directly related to their academic program of study.  AT may include, but not limited, to practicum, internship, cooperative education, and other types of practical experience gained through off-campus employment. 

AT is awarded  on a full-time basis - part-time employment is NOT deducted at a half-time rate. AT for TCSPP J-1 students is part time (maximum 20 hours a week) during all three semesters - Fall, Spring and Summer. After program completion, AT must be minimum 20 hours per week. 

J-1 students are eligible for a total eighteen (18) months of AT or for a period equal to the length of the study program, which ever is shorter. It can be extended only for Postdoctoral researchers up to a maximum total of thirty-six (36) months. Students may apply for the extension at any time prior to the expiration of their eighteen (18)-month academic training.

To apply for Academic Training for your practicum/internship, you must

  • ​Register for the course that is associated with practicum/internship
  • Have a job offer including all the information in the letter template
  • Complete the AT Application Form signed by your academic advisor

Please be aware of that 

You must apply and receive an authorization before you start your Academic Training, PAID OR UNPAID. Working without an authorization will result in status termination and you are required to leave the U.S. immediately. ​

If you change employers, the employment for AT cannot be a gap in employment dates.

For Post Academic Training, your job must be paid or you must submit a financial​ evidence in the amount of minimum $2500 per month during your training period. 

Post Academic Training must start within 30 days of the program completion date.

Academic Training Evaluation

After each Academic Training, you are required to complete the Academic Training Evaluation Form​. You will complete most of the information and send it to our Academic Advisor to complete the form and return to your ARO.