Register for your courses Full-Time: Immigration Services requires International Students must enroll full time as required by their degree program. Effective in Fall 2020 (registration starts next week), International Students are considered full time enrolled if their registration meets the following policy requirement: 

Degree LevelFulltime/Semester
Undergraduate12 credit hours
Graduate5 credit hours​

However, please be aware of that by register only 5 credit hours each semester, you might need to extend your study with TCSPP in order to complete your degree program. Please consult with  your DSO/ARO for more information and its impact on your I-20 extension.

Enroll in additional coursework:  Your curriculum has been carefully planned, keeping in mind such issues as course sequences and prerequisites, work load and time management, requirements for practicum training, etc.  


Online Courses: For international students, only one Online Course (maximum 3 credits) each semester can be counted towards your degree progression.  Please keep in mind when registering courses. 


Transfer Credits:​ Credit hours earned at another regionally accredited institution may apply to the TCSPP degree program if it meets the conditions stated in the Student Handbook. Please refer to the Academic Catalog and Student Handbook​ Transfer Credit and Course Waiver policy for details on how to submit a packet for transfer credit/course waiver consideration.  If you are not familiar with it, please consult with your Enrollment Counselor for details. ​


PLEASENOTE: THE PROGRAM CURRICULUM MAY UNDERGO CHANGES AND REVISIONS DURING YOUR COURSE OF STUDY. Changes will be announced by your academic program and you will be informed of any new or different requirements for degree completion. 


How does registration work? Registration is a first-come, first-registered system. Students may log in to the Academic Portal and register for courses during Open Registration period.  You will receive notification of your registration for each semester.  After all students are registered, students can drop or add a course with an open seat during the open registration period only. Please note that waiting until the end of the Open Registration period to select classes will likely mean that your course schedule will be inconvenient, and a course section of your preference may be full. There is no waitlist option for closed courses. Closed classes are closed, although there may be availability as other students add/drop. 


We may add more sections or cancel under-enrolled course sections, as necessary. Students will be notified via their TCSPP school email when such changes are made. Faculty may be reassigned to accommodate new courses and sections. Students typically are not notified of faculty changes unless the course is Professional Development Group. Students are encouraged to review their course schedule especially before the beginning of the semester to ensure accuracy. 


All students will visit the following website to complete course registration. Please note that you will need your provided username and password in order to access registration. 


Registration website please click here​


The simplest and best registration tip we can offer is this: After your registration is complete, logout of the registration system, log back in, and print a copy of your confirmed schedule. If you registered correctly, your classes will have a status of "Registered" instead of "Selected" or "Bookmarked." By doing so, you can confirm that your requested registration was approved. You should save this c​​opy of your schedule. 


CANVAS: Canvas is The Chicago School's online learning management system. Students will have access to courses in Canvas the Friday before classes begin, if not sooner.  Canvas can be used to post syllabi, host discussion boards, turn in assignments, and much more. 


To access Canvas, visit Please review the quick start guide, found at to become familiar with Canvas and how it may be used. 

TCSPP School Email: Once you have submitted your deposit to attend classes at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, your TCSPP student email will be the primary form of communication used by the school and faculty. It is important to check email frequently to ensure you do not miss important updates, information and communications.​ 


Contact Us

Office of International Programs
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