​​​Welcome New Students!​​​

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Welcome to The Chicago School of Professional Psychology! You are about to begin an exciting educational journey, which is the first step on a lifetime of learning, service to the community, and professional development.

Now, what do you need to know to make your transition to TCSPP as smooth as possible? To help aid in your transition and set you up for success moving forward into your first semester, please look over the information provided in the tabs below.​


​New Student questions:

[email protected] ​

 Early Connect

Early Connect Program​​​

All incoming new students are given access to a course on Canvas, TCSPP's online learning platform, which offers a broad range of resources intended to help new students in their transition to life as a TCSPP student.

The modules on Early Connect are designed to support your transition to TCSPP by providing an overview of campus resources and a list of next steps. We encourage you to review the various modules we offer, with topics including:

  • Academic Support
  • Student Finance
  • Student Support
  • Admissions Requirements
  • Course Registration
  • Title IX Information
  • Moving to a New City
  • U-Passes (for Chicago and DC students)
  • University Contact Information
  • And more!

The Early Connect course also includes discussion boards, where you can interact with fellow new students before meeting them on Orientation Day!

Please note that the Early Connect course will stay in your Canvas platform indefinitely, so if you ever need to access that information again, it will be there for your convenience.​​

 Meet Your Student Support Counselor

Student Support Services

As a new student, you may be unsure of who to go to when you have questions. Student Support Services can help with that! 

Student Support Services is available to all students as they work to successfully complete their academic programs. Student Support Counselors can help with general questions, course selection and registration, student progress, course concerns/questions, graduation requirements, Turn-It-In, Canvas, available resources and support, and more! Students are encouraged to be in touch with the Student Support Counselors each semester.​ Learn more about Student Support Services here.

 New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation

All registered incoming students are required to attend a New Student Orientation. This year, New Student Orientation consists of a mix between asynchronistic elements in Canvas and Zoom sessions (meet & greets, academic info sessions, financial aid drop ins, etc.).​

By engaging in New Student Orientation activities, students will:

  • Receive a student ID or take an ID photo (depending on your campus)
  • Learn about important campus resources
  • Make connections with fellow new students
  • Engage with faculty and future instructors
  • Learn about financial aid options
New student orientation is normally scheduled for the week prior to the start of classes; students attend on a particular date depending on their academic program. Be sure to check your student emails regularly for additional information on your campus' New Student Orientations.
International students must attend an additional orientation to address their particular needs/information.

New Student Orientation Dates by Campus


Please save the date for Fall 2022 Semester New Student Orientation which is taking place the week of August 22nd. In addition to each virtual department orientation, there will be a required virtual synchronous Student Resource session (options for August 22nd, August 24th, August 26th, and August 27th) as well as mandatory asynchronous content that can be watched at any time throughout orientation week.

Please RSVP HERE! 

Monday, August 22nd 
Clinical Psychology - Check in at 8 am  
Tuesday, August 23rd 
Applied Behavior Analysis - Check in at 8 am 
MA Industrial and Organizational Psychology (MAIO) - Check in at 12 pm
Wednesday, August 24th 
Clinical Mental Health Counseling - Check in at 8 am
Thursday, August 25th 
Bachelor Completion - Check in at 8 am
MA Forensic Psychology - Check in at 12 pm
Friday, August 26th 
MA Counseling Psychology - Check in time based on PD section. Check email for details!   
Saturday, August 27th 
School Psychology - Check in at 9 am
Saturday, September 10th  
Business Psychology PhD programs - Check in at 9 am

For questions, contact Sr. Student Support Counselor and Student Life & Events Coordinator, Aimee Goodman: [email protected]

International Student Orientation

International students must attend an additional orientation to address their particular needs.

Information about the Fa​ll 2022 New Student Orientation coming soon! 

For questions, contact [email protected]

Washington D.C.

Saturday August 20, 2022

PhD in Business, International Psychology, & ABA  RSVP Here!

Tuesday August 23, 2022

PsyD in Clinical Psychology RSVP Here!​

Wednesday August 24, 2022

Counseling Programs, MA I/O ​RSVP Here!

U Pass

All full time Washington, D.C. Campus students are automatically enrolled in a transit pass through the WMATA and will be billed via your student account. Students will be able to pick up their UPass at Orientation.  ​​

For questions, contact Student Support at [email protected]

Los Angeles

​In-person orientation for the Los Angeles campus will take place on Monday, August 22 and Tuesday, August 23.

​Monday, August 22

  • ​Applied Behavior Analysis
  • BA Psychology
  • Business Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
Tuesday, August 23
  • Applied Clinical Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Marriage and Family Therapy

Complete THIS FORM by Friday, August 5 to let us know you'll be attending!

Questions? Email [email protected]


​In-person orientation for the Anaheim campus will take place on Wednesday, August 24 and Thursday, August 25.

​Wednesday, August 24

  • ​Business Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Marriage and Family Therapy
Thursday, August 25
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Applied Clinical Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology​

Complete THIS FORM by Friday, August 5 to let us know you'll be attending!

Questions? Email [email protected]

San Diego

​In-person orientation for the San Diego campus will take place on Friday, August 26.

Complete THIS FORM by Friday, August 5 to let us know you'll be attending!

Questions? Email [email protected]



Wednesday August 24, 2022

6:00pm- 9:00pm CST

Room 121 & 123

For questions, contact Student Support at 

[email protected] ​


Online Campus Orientation

Students in online-only programs participate in a virtual orientation, which is available in Canvas once the student receives a login and password. Participation in orientation is mandatory and should be completed prior to the Add/Drop period of the term. As part of the orientation, students will receive an overview of their program, Canvas tutorials and learn more about school policies and expectations. 

For more information, contact: [email protected] or 800-595-6938, option 1​

 Student ID Cards

Getting Your Student ID

Chicago Campus

Incoming new Students will have the opportunity to your photo taken at orientation for your Student ID.  However, if you would like to expedite the process, please email [email protected] with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your student ID number
  • Your Program
  • A headshot of yourself with a plain background (please note there cannot be anyone else in the photo with you and this cannot be a photo of a photo)


Due to COVID-19 we are currently developing a contactless process to distribute student ID badges. Once this process has been finalized you will be contacted by your Student Support Counselor with more information

Online Campus

Incoming new students can send a request to their advisor to request an ID card. You can reach out to [email protected].

SoCal Campuses

New students are asked to upload a photo for their student ID when they RSVP to attend New Student Orientation. You will receive information about the student ID process in New Student Orientation communication.

Washington DC Campus

Incoming new students are asked to email a photo to [email protected]. Your request will be recorded, and you will be able to receive your ID as soon as in person classes have resumed. In the meantime, if you need proof that you are a student, email dcfacilities to request an official letter. 


Incoming new students are asked to email a photo to [email protected] and pick up your ID Card at New Student Orientation.

 Student U-Pass (Chicago and DC Campuses)

Getting Your U-Pass


The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) U-Pass offers unlimited rides on all CTA buses and trains (not Metra or PACE) during the semester. During normal on-campus semesters, all full-time, campus-based students are automatically enrolled in the U-Pass program.

Due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic, the CTA has once again made the U-Pass optional for students for Fall 2021 emester. The Chicago School will be offering the U-Pass only to students who OPT IN for Fall 2021.

Please note that this option is available for active, full-time (5+ credit hours) Chicago Campus students only and does not include students in executive-style PhD programs in Business Psychology, Organizational Leadership, or Applied Behavior Analysis (BP PhD: Consulting Track, OL PhD, ABA PhD).

If you are interested in being enrolled for a U-Pass for the Fall 2021 semester, please opt in using this form by Friday, August 20th in order to have your U-Pass active on August 30th. Please note that your U-pass will be active from August 30th-December 11th, 2021.  You will be informed by email when your U-Pass is ready to be picked up on campus.​

Your student account will be charged $131 for the Fall semester for 15 weeks of unlimited rides.

If you order are ordering a U-Pass for the first time, please email a clear, plain selfie in front of a plain wall (i.e. nothing in the background, must be fully facing forward, from the shoulders up--think passport-style) to [email protected].

If you have any questions related to the U-Pass, please email [email protected].


All full time Washington, D.C. Campus students are automatically enrolled in a transit pass through the WMATA. The Fall 2020 U-Pass program is temporarily suspended, as our classes are remote. Your account will not be charged until the program has resumed.  



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