SAC Decision & Appeal

​​You will receive a SAC decision letter at your TCSPP email address within 10 business days of your hearing. A hearing outcome may include but is not limited to: 

 No Action

SAC determines that no action is required.

 Academic Development Plan (ADP)

An ADP is used to assist you in the successful completion of your degree program. ADPs do not constitute disciplinary action; as such, they do not affect academic standing and cannot be appealed.​​


Typically, a dismissal decision is effective immediately. Dismissal supersedes any other enrollment status. 

A student enrolled in training will be given adequate time to close out client activities prior to dismissal.​ If you are engaged in training, your department is contacted for guidance regarding an appropriate date for termination with clients.

Dismissal restricts your access to TCSPP facilities, suspends your access to your TCSPP-issued email account, restricts your access to other TCSPP electronic systems, and likely impacts your grades for the term/semester. 

 Appealing a SAC Dismissal​

​​You have the right to appeal SAC dismissal to the Responsible Leader of your home campus. You must submit your appeal as soon as possible and within 10 business days after being notified SAC's decision. Responsible Leader information is posted here

If the Responsible Leader of your home campus has had direct involvement with your referral, the appeal may be considered by another Responsible Leader. In such cases, the Dean for Student Success will reassign the appeal.

The appeal process is not an opportunity to have your dismissal reconsidered merely because of your dissatisfaction with the decision. Rather, all appeals must be based on one or more of the following:

  • New evidence
  • Evidence of improper procedure
  • New arguments that could not be provided at the time of the original hearing.
You must submit your own written appeal; no one, including legal counsel, may submit an appeal on your behalf.

The written appeal must include:

  • A specific statement of the decision you are appealing
  • All information that you wish the Responsible Leader to take into account in consideration of your appeal
  • A statement regarding the basis or bases for the appeal, based on the three categories listed above (new evidence, evidence of improper procedure; or new arguments that could not be provided at the time of the original hearing) and supporting argument regarding the stated basis or bases.

The Responsible Leader will render a decision as soon as possible and within 10 business days after receipt of the appeal.

If the Responsible Leader denies the appeal, the dismissal will stand as final. This decision may not be appealed. If the Responsible Leader grants the appeal, the case will be remanded to SAC for another hearing. This hearing must occur as soon as possible and within 10 business days after the Responsible Leader issues their decision. The hearing will be limited to the information supporting the granting of the appeal.​