Before a SAC Hearing​​

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 I have been referred to SAC. What does that mean?

Your department has referred you to SAC for an allegation of academic misconduct, a breach of professional comportment standards, a violation of the Code of Conduct, or a failure to progress in your program. Your SAC referral letter includes the reason for referral.

 What is included in a referral?

SAC notifies you of the referral by sending a hearing notification letter and supporting documents (e.g., e-mail correspondence, unofficial transcript, previous Academic Development Plan, etc.) to your TCSPP email address. 

The letter of notice will list SAC members and include:
  • Reason for referral
  • Hearing date (within 30 days of referral)
  • Time
  • Location
SAC will copy the following individuals on the referral:
  • Department Chair
  • Associate Department Chair, where applicable
  • Faculty Advisor
  • Campus Responsible Leader
  • Office of Placement and Training representative, where applicable
  • SAC Administration

 What is a support person?

A support person is an individual who will accompany you to your SAC hearing to provide advice and support. 

During your SAC hearing, your support person may be asked to speak about your openness to feedback, your work to remediate the matter that resulted in your SAC referral, and how you have shown improvement over time. ​

Your support person cannot answer questions on your behalf during the hearing. ​

 Who should I select as my support person?

You are limited to one support person. You may choose to have your faculty advisor serve as your support person or any other TCSPP faculty member or non-student staff member who you feel can best support you.

Once you select your support person, you should provide their first and last name and position at TCSPP to SAC in writing by the deadline stated in your hearing notice.

 What is the written response to SAC referral? How should I write it?

You have the right to present a written response to the referral that explicitly addresses its contents. Please consider using SAC's Student's Response to Referral Template​. 

If you submit a written response after the deadline stated in your hearing notice, the Committee is not obligated to consider it. ​