On the Day of a​ SAC Hearing   

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 People involved:

  • ​You
  • Your Support Person, if applicable
  • A representative from your academic department who will present the referral
  • An OPT representative, if your referral is related to training
  • Your research project chair, if applicable
  • The members of SAC​​
    • ​​SAC Chair/Panel Lead
    • Faculty Committee Members
    • Student Member (not applicable to Clinical Psychology-SAC, School Psychology-SAC, or College of Nursing and Advanced Health Professions -SAC)
    • Staff Representative

 ​Role of a Support Person:

A TCSPP faculty member or a TCSPP non-student staff member can serve as your support person during your SAC hearing. Your support person will be present during your hearing and can provide advice and support to you related to the SAC process. Your support person cannot answer questions on your behalf during your hearing. ​

 Hearing Procedures:

If you are an on-ground student, it is expected that you will attend your hearing in person unless other arrangements are approved by SAC. If you are an online student, it is expected that you will attend your hearing using online meeting technology provided by TCSPP. During the COVID-19 pande​mic, all SAC hearings are being conducted using online meeting technology.​

If you do not attend your SAC hearing, the hearing will take place without you. Any person who is not an employee of TCSPP may not attend the hearing in any capacity except as part of an approved accessibility accommodation. Since the SAC procedure is institutional and not judicial, you may not have legal counsel present.

Your Department Chair or Associate Department Chair will present the referral during your hearing. Additional written materials may not be presented during the hearing. 

Where the referral relates to training, an OPT representative may be present. Where the referral relates to lack of progress on a research project, your ARP/thesis/dissertation chair may be present. Your department and the committee may also ask other faculty members, parties associated with training, or those with knowledge of the facts of the referral to attend the hearing in person, via remote meeting technology, or to submit written material in lieu of their presence.

 Your Role (Student Referred to SAC):

You should be prepared to respond to the referral during your hearing. You may not present additional written materials during the hearing. The deadline to submit your written response to SAC is stated in your SAC hearing notification.

Your failure or refusal to respond to the allegations set forth in the referral will be deemed an admission of the factual matters contained therein.

 Hearing decision:

A hearing decision may include but is not limited to: 
  • No Action

  • Academic Development Plan (ADP)

  • Dismissal from TCSPP