College Counseling and Consultation Advanced Practicum Program

The Chicago School partners with Chicago-area schools and universities to provide counseling and outreach services to students without access to these services. Currently, Advanced Practicum students in the Clinical Psy.D. program work onsite at either the combined training sites of John Marshall Law School and Harrington College of Design (JMLS/HCD) Counseling Services  (considered one site in the APP database), or at Computer Systems Institute (CSI) Student Counseling Services.  Advanced Practicum students at these Consortium sites may have the opportunity to provide: individual, group, and couples counseling; diagnostic assessment services; psycho-educational programming to the students, staff, and faculty; and outreach/consultation services related to student mental health and well-being.  Please see the APP database for more information specific to the unique training experiences at both Consortia training sites.

Program Benefits

  • The program provides the unique opportunity to gain experience in college counseling, consultation, and program design and development. 
  • Advanced practicum students are involved in consultative tasks, such as managing relationships with JMLS staff and faculty, providing needs assessments, evaluating outcomes, gaining exposure to how decisions are made relevant to structuring clinical programs, and other administrative issues in clinical work.

Applicant Profile

  • The ideal applicant should be able to work independently without immediate onsite supervision, as both the supervisory and administrative functions are managed at The Chicago School campus. 
  • The consultative components of the experience require the student to demonstrate effective interpersonal skills for maintaining good rapport with site staff at all levels. 
  • A self-motivated student with initiative will be most successful for the program design portion of the experience. 
  • Students receive both individual and group weekly supervision, as well as didactics training related to college mental health issues and related clinical topics.

How to Apply 

  • The program abides by ACEPT guidelines 
  • E-mail a cover letter/letter of interest (designate whether you are applying for JMLS/HCD or CSI), your CV, transcript, writing sample, and 2 letters of recommendation to:

                                    Dr. Dina Glaser
                                    Director of Applied Professional Practice    

  • Contact the Applied Professional Practice (APP) at 312.410.8958 for more information about the application process deadlines 
  • Additional site detail is available through the APP Field Placement Database—search for John Marshall Law School
  • Additional site detail is available through the APP Field Placement Database- search for Computer Systems Institute Student Counseling Services