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Program Overview

Global Distinction (GD) bestows honorable recognition to students for their commitment to a global perspective. It is an opportunity for students to show thier commitment to global engagement through participation in a regimen of international courses and events at TCSPP. Participation in the program provides one way for a student to actively contribute to the shrinking of cultural divides by learning to understand themselves in the context of the world today and to use this knowledge to effectively engage across diverse cultures. To receive recognition, participants compile a portfolio consisting of three components:

·       Experience
·       Academic
·       Final project

A student who successfully completes the program is:
·       Honored at Commencement (notated in the program and provided with a green cord to keep)
·       Awarded “Global Distinction" notation on transcript
·       Featured on TCSPP Community Website​



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Program Portfolio Components

Experience: Complete reflection for four or more the following (any combination of activities is acceptable):
·       Globe Talks
·       Webinars on international topics
·       Activities with global focus sponsored by TCS Education System community
·       Work with international NGOs
·       Domestic work to support an international project or effort
Academic: Choose one of the following:
·       Complete a course that includes international engagement
·       Complete a study abroad or Field Experience program
·       Conduct international research
Final Project: Submit on groupize site:
·       Complete a capstone paper on the impact of global exposure to the student's educational journey and its application to current and future professional activities. Capstone papers maximum length is five pages and include references in APA format .
o   Timeline: Must be completed prior to degree conferral. Final project processing time is four weeks.