​A unique feature of The Chicago School is that all students receive support from the Office of Placement & Training (OPT). OPT is responsible for overseeing all aspects of Chicago School student practicum and internship training including orienting the members of the learning community to the training site search, application, interviewing, and acceptance processes. Once students begin their field placement, this office oversees the evaluation of student performance by site supervisors and Chicago School faculty. The professional staff is responsible for developing training sites in the Chicagoland area and regularly evaluating the quality of training that they provide.

OPT Services

  • Oversee student practicum and internship placement process

  • Provide small group and personalized meetings for students requiring specialized assistance

  • Provide general information meetings and resource materials about the training site search process

  • Provide professional mentorship of students in training, which includes negotiating professional relationships, conflict resolution, ethical decision making, and professional comportment

  • Site develop and maintain training sites

  • Collect student and site performance data

  • Provide consultation to program directors and faculty about the training process

  • Participate in academic program review of student progress to ensure continuity of training

Each year Chicago School students engage in more than 500,000 hours of community service at over 500 partner institutions.

Information about OPT sites can be found on the OPT Professional Training Database,a password protected resource for current Chicago School students. This database contains descriptions of available opportunities, idea lapplicants, organization of the site, positions available, and populations treated. It also includes a description of treatment modalities and other activities that one can expect to participate inat a particular site. The OPT Professional Training Database also offers information about supervision and application materials.

The TCS Training Consortium provides excellent training opportunities for students while offering clinical support and community outreach to partner agencies. The Training Consortium is dedicated to reaching diverse and underserved populations, producing multi-culturally competent clinicians, and developing leaders in psychology through specialty training in consultative and administrative aspects of psychology. One way we achieve these goals is through collaborating and consulting with community agencies unable to support their own onsite training programs, providing access to highly qualified professionals in training, credentialed supervisors, program infrastructure and oversight, and meaningful program evaluation.

TCS Training Consortium Programs:

Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Academic Community Leadership
The Chicago School Community Leadership Internship Consortium
College Counseling and Consultation Advanced Practicum Program

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Phone: 312.410.8958.​​​​​​