Institutional Review Board

Purpose of IRB

The Institutional Review Board examines all human subjects research proposals developed by students and faculty at The Chicago School. This review focuses on minimizing risks to participants, ensuring voluntary participation, and protecting participant's privacy and confidentiality. The mission statement of The Chicago School's IRB is as follows:

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) will review and certify conformance of applications for research with human participants conducted by The Chicago School faculty and students. This review will be conducted to reflect the ethical principles outlined in 45 CFR 46 (the "Common Rule"). The IRB will also review and certify conformance of applications for research involving The Chicago School students, staff, and faculty or conducted on university grounds and extensions campuses. The IRB will encourage and foster ethical research at The Chicago School. 

Contact Us

Alicia Scott M.P.A, C.I.P.
IRB Director
[email protected]

Stephanie Dixon
 IRB Associate Director

Portia Twidt
IRB Associate Director

Dai Hermosillo
​IRB Associate Director​
​Jenna Salah
IRB Department Assistant
[email protected]

Kim Dell'Angela Ph.D.
Committee A IRB Chair

Kathleen Kleinfeldt Ph.D.
Committee B IRB Chair