Office of Student Writing and Learning

​The Office of Student Writing and Learning is The Chicago School's home for all writing and academic support services. 

Our mission is to engage students in their learning process, to improve their self-efficacy for writing and learning, and to help them become more effective communicators. We believe learning is a life-long process and that skills acquired and honed while at The Chicago School will enhance students' academic, professional, and personal lives. 

The OSWL is a place where students of all degree levels and disciplines can feel safe and supported in developing their skills, a place that is free from judgment, and a place where the processes of inquiry and incremental improvement are valued above all else. In line with the Vision and Values of The Chicago School, the OSWL provides innovative services and learning resources to assist certificate, bachelor, master, and doctoral students on their path to professional careers.

Questions? Reach us at [email protected]


Appointment Types and Tutoring areas

We offer:

  • Virtual Meet (real-time Zoom) appointments for writing, academic coaching, and statistics.
  • eTutoring (asynchronous) appointments for writing.

In the following areas: 

  • Undergraduate Writing - use the eTutoring or Virtual Meet schedule
  • General Course Writing - use the eTutoring or Virtual Meet schedule
  • Dissertation Writing - use the Dissertation Appointments schedule
  • ARP and Thesis Writing - use the eTutoring or Virtual Meet schedule
  • Course-Level Statistics - use the Virtual Meet schedule
  • Academic Coaching (organization, prioritization, time management) - use Virtual Meet schedule ​

Appointment POLICIES/Recommendations

  • For eTutoring appointments, we recommend you schedule your appointment at least 3 days prior to your assignment due date. We will provide feedback within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment, and you want to allow at least 1 day to incorporate our feedback, revise, and ask questions as needed.

  • Complete your Appointment Form in full, providing as much detail as possible about your assignment and the type of help you are seeking.

  • Attach your document (MS Word documents are preferred for ease of commenting/tracking) by 6:00 a.m. central time the day of your appointment for eTutoring appointments.

  • Make sure you are familiar with MS Word track changes and comments features and how to accept and reject changes​

  • Inform your tutor if you need accommodations​​, particularly related to any multimedia feedback we might provide (closed captioning, etc.).

  • Email your APA and writing-related questions to [email protected]​​​, and we'll reply with a detailed response within 24 hours!​

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