Licensure​​ and Certification

The Chicago School provides support for graduates pursuing licensure and certification. Licensure and certification requirements vary by state and by licensing or certifying entity. Typically, licensing and certifying bodies mandate that an applicant completes educational, supervision, and exam requirements prior to applying for licensure or certification.

Licensure and Certification Resources for THE CHICAGO SCHOOL Alumni

If you are a Chicago School graduate who is applying for licensure or certification, please reach out for help as indicated below.

  • Training Hours Verification
    • The Office of Placement and Training (formerly known as APP) and academic department personnel are available to assist you with verifying your training hours. Please submit your training hours verification request to [email protected].  
  • Educational Verification
    • The Office of t​he Registrar is available to assist you with verifying your educational history at The Chicago School. Please email your educational verification paperwork including your Certification of Education form, where applicable, to [email protected] for completion.

      Typically, paperwork is processed and returned to you or sent to the requesting agency in 5 to 7 business days.
  • Candidacy Verification
    • Your academic department is available to assist you with verifying your candidacy status. Please send your request to the Department Chair of the program from which you graduated. Department Chair information is available here.
  • Academic Catalog and Student Handbook
    • ​To access the The Chicago School Academic Catalog and Student Handbook, click here.

​Additional Reso​u​rces for​​​ Chicago School Alumni

  • Career Services​
    • Career Services provides Chicago School alumni the resources and tools necessary to enter into and thrive in their chosen areas of employment. Call 800.595.6938, option 5, or email [email protected] to ask a question or schedule an appointment. ​
  • Other Alumni Services
    • The Office of Alumni Relations is available to answer your questions, connect you with resources, offer you continuing education opportunities, and more. Email [email protected] to stay connected with The Chicago School.​