Global I​​mpact Scholarship

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Deadline: Application is not open yet for 2021

10 recipients will be selected to receive $1000 each for this scholarship. Award will be disbursed to the recipient's student account and apply to any existing balance. 

Scholarship Application Prompt

Please articulate how you envision your contribution to the growth and progress of psychology in your home country after returning with your degree from TCSPP. Within the context of your international journey, what could fellow students, faculty, and staff learn from the most compelling and unique aspect of your experience.  

Eligibility Criteria: 

Applicants for this scholarship: 
- Must be new or returning international students in Active school status 
- Must be enrolled full time at one of the TCSPP’s on-ground campuses in Fall semester  
- Must have maintained Nonimmigrant Status 
- Applicants can only apply for one scholarship each year offered by IPS 

Options for Application Submission:

- Essay + Photos:  Essay must be 1000 maximum. 3 photos must be included in the essay document. The photos may be a professional profile photo, photo back home, photo at TCSPP studying or working as CWS, Practicum or other professional experiences. Please make sure to provide captions to your photos. 
Essay Format: Word doc. 

- Video / Youtube: The length of the video can vary between 3-minute minimum to 15-minute maximum. The video should demonstrate your cultural background, educational experiences, and the journey that led you to the field of psychology. Reading your essay in front of a camera is not considered as a video submission. Video Format: Youtube, mp4, google drive. 

- Blog or Online Scrapbook:  Content must be 1000 maximum. Minimum 3 photos must be included in the submission and can be a profile photo, photo back home, photo at TCSPP studying or working as CWS, Practicum or Internship. Format: Presentation, slides, other online format that allows access. Please make sure to provide captions to your photos. 

2020 Winners

Himaya Rajapakse, Sri Lanka, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology
"I hope to work towards the betterment of immigrants and foster care youth. I feel that the mental health field is a great platform to build on socal issues. I hope to immerse myself in the community and work with populations that are often overlooked". 
Himaya Rajapakse.jpg

Harveen Sekhon, Canada, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology
"I plan to advocate fr programs and policy changes in my country that make psychological care equitable to physicaly care. I believe TCSPP will provide me with necessary education and experiences to implement these changes on a global scale after I graduate".
Harveen Sekhon.jpg

Meher Sharma, India, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology
"Not many people believe in serving offenders because they think that offenders and criminals do not deserve any good any more. This is where I want to make an impact".
Meher Sharma.png

Sindisiwe Mbeje, South Africa, Ph.D., Organizational Leadership
"Ethics and morals are also one of the important aspects that I believe good leaders must possess to lead by example. That is why I have chosen this course which I believe it has a holistically approach to aspiring leaders like myself who want to see positive change and prosperity within our societies".
Sindiswe Mbeje.png 

Rooha Rowhani, South Africa, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology
"As a student at TCSPP, my primary goal for my clinical training at practicum sites has been to work with diverse individuals, to help me further develop cultural humility and sensitivity and learn more about the nuances of muliculturalism". 
Rooha Rowhani.jpg

Sania Ahmed, India, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology
"As a future clinical psyhcologist, I look forward to alleviating mental health suffering and contribute effectively in my home country. I also aim to contribute on a larger scale by being a mental health advocate".
Sania Ahmed.jpg

Xiaojing Ma, China, Psy.D., Marriage and Family Therapy
"My ultimate goal as a psychotherapist is to facilitate individuals' personal growth and empower them to live happier lives".
Xiaojing Ma.jpg

Hanna Bondarenko, Ukraine, M.A., Industrial and Organizational Psychology
"​I knew the value of I/O psychology was what Ukraine's other industries needed to integrate as well". 

Phoebe Ka Yin Tse, Hong Kong, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology
"I am particularly interested in raising awareness on mental health issues, which are often seen as taboo in many Asian cultures. Besides providing interventions on psychopathologies, I hope to offer psychoeducation to more nuanced topics". 
Kayin Tse.jpg

YuTuo Liao, Taiwan, Ph.D., Business Psychology
"One personal goal I have developed in the past year is to create a foundation for student aid.With my knowledge and experience, this foundation will offer professional resume and cover letter writing, interviewing coaching sessions, mentoring and counseling for strudents sta​ying away from home, and a safe space to celebrate diversity". 
YuTuo Liao.jpg

2020 Runner-Ups

Hina Wain, Canada, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology
"Across geographies, cultures, and identities, I am determined to help others navigate their mental health experience in order to understand themselves more profoundly and ultimately, to feel accepted in their environments".

Dilara Kosak, Turkey, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology
"Volunteering is important because it helps me to gain new skills that contribute to the impact that I will make i the future working with trauma survivors". 

Katharina Tesmer, Germany, M.A., Industrial and Organizational Psychology
"​​After completing my I/O psychology master's degree, I want to create my own I/O consulting firm in Germany to help bridge the gap between organizations and employees"

Ademola Owolabi, Nigeria, Ph.D., Organizational Leadership Psychology
"My goal is to take up teaching appointment at Nigeria University after the completion of my doctoral program. I hope to the knowledge gained to benefit my immediate community and the world at large from my wealth of experience and the gospel of psychology shall be explained".  

​Begum Rokeya, Bangladesh, Ph.D.,International Psychology
"My long-term goal is to work in the field of professional psychology and passion to work in international organizations for providing support to diverse populations".

Kelly Oriane Hirwa Ntwali, Rwanda, Ph.D., Business Psychology
"What I wish to do when I return home is help all the new businesses in the country and make Rwanda a greater business hub. It is my wish to see my country become more than "a third world country". 

Anureet Gill, Canada, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology
"I believe that a diversity perspective is important as clients see the world through this lens so to understand the client and meet them where they are a psychologist has to understand diversity issues".

2019 Winners

Eva Lahmann- Costa Rica, M.A., Clinical mental Health Counseling

Harveen Sekhon- Canada, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology

Amina Ayodeji-Ogundirun- Nigeria, M.A., Organizational Psychology

Himaya Rajapakse- Sri Lanka, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology

Sharon Tawiah- ghana, M.A., Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Hardik Kotak- India, M.A., Counseling Psychology

Aira Agbayani- Philippines- M.A., Forensic Psychology

Caroline Campbell- canada, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology

Camila ramirez-Suarez- Colombia- M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy

2018 Winners
Annita Palizi - Great Britain, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology 
Arije Rabhi - Tunisia, M.A. Marital and Family Therapy
Harold Steger - Canada, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology 
Sandhiya Baladhandapani - India, M.A. Counseling Psychology  
Isha Mahajan - India, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology 
Judith Crabbe - Ghana, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology 
Kevin DeDace - Philippines, Ph.D. Organizational Leadership  
Kgololesego Ledibane - South Africa, M.A. Forensic Psychology 
Tong Yu - China, M.A. Industrial and Organizational Psychology 
Nattagorn Wongjantara - Thailand, M.A. Counseling Psychology 
Parita Gala - India, M.A. Industrial and Organizational Psychology 
Sindile Dlamini - South Africa, Ph.D. International Psychology 
Vanessa Coutinho - India, M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling 
2017 Winners
Rooha Rowhani - South Africa, PsyD. Clinical Psychology

Akshaya Parthasarathi - India, M.A. Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Anindita Panda - India, M.A. Counseling Psychology

Bilge Karakulak - Turkey, M.A. Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Carla DaCunha - South Africa, M.A. Counseling Psychology
Ching Yu Chen - Taiwan, M.S. Applied Behavioral Analysis

Darshita Shah - India, M.A. Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Dianing Lupitasari - Indonesia, M.A. Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Ioanna Xenophontos - Cyprus, M.A. Counseling Psychology

Jesmin Akter - Bangladesh, PhD. Business Psychology

Lulu Kavishe - Tanzania, PhD. Business Psychology
Seh Young Kim - South Korea, PsyD. Clinical Psychology

Suchismita Kadam - India, M.S. Applied Behavioral Analysis

Syed Hamza Quadri - Pakistan, PsyD. Clinical Psychology

SzuYu Yang - Taiwan, M.A. Marriage & Family Therapy

Tricia Dangcalan - Philippines, M.A. Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Tsvetomila Kachovska - Bulgaria, PhD. Organizational Leadership
Zeel Kinkhabwala - India, M.A. Industrial/Organizational Psychology

2016 Winners​
Winifred Nakitare - Kenya, M.A. Forensic Psychology

Ruchita Chandrashekar - India, M.A. Counseling Psychology
Lu Jin - China, M.A. Counseling Psychology

Terrell Black - The Bahamas, M.A. Counseling Psychology

Jennifer Drummelsmith - Canada, PsyD. Clinical Psychology

Gabriela Baumann - Canada, PsyD. Clinical Psychology
Rickell Curry - The Bahamas, M.A. Counseling Psychology

Yipian Yang - China, PsyD. Clinical Psychology

Martine Soernskog - Norway, M.A. I/O Psychology

Simran Agrawal - India, M.S. Applied Behavior Analysis

Nyasha Chikowore - Zimbabwe, PsyD. Clinical Psychlogy


2015 Winners

Claire Openshaw - South Africa, Counseling

Lirio Rubyrose - Philippines, Industrial & Organizational

Lai Nickolas - Malaysia, Industrial & Organizational

Elissa Hashemi - Iran, Organizational Leadership

Maron Mwai - Kenya, Industrial & Organizational

Sindile Dlamini - South Africa, International Psychology

Zhenni Li - China, Counseling

Manuel Murillo - Columbia, Counseling

Jewel Taylor - The Bahamas, Forensic

Karina Kuzemkina - Russia, Industrial & Organizational

2014 Winners

Jin Kylie Roxas -  from Philippines - Counseling Psychology​

Kgololesego Ledibane  – from South Africa – Forensic Psychology

Nibha Rastogi – from United Kingdom – Industrial & Organizational Psychology

Philo Oyoua Lomba – from Gabon – International Psychology

Tara Frem – from Canada – Clinical PsyD​​​​​