Travel Photo & Video Contest​

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Do you have a great photograph or video from a TCSPP sponsored Study Abroad or Field Experience program? If so, this is an opportunity to share your experience with our TCSPP Community. 

You must be an Active TCSPP student to be eligible to submit images or videos from all the travel abroad programs sponsored by TCSPP. The image or video must be original work and you must be the one who have taken the photograph or video.


You may submit maximum two submissions for consideration but only one will be entered in the contest. Submission Deadline: 

Friday, December 16, 2022


Prize Amount:Will be applied towards your Student Account balance.

If you are a financial aid user, the award may require adjustment of student loans in order to accommodate the funding in the student’s cost of attendance budget. Please consult with Financial Aid or 1-800-684-2890, option 1, to determine if the scholarship will impact funding.   


Video: 1st prize - $500; 5 runners up prizes - $200 each (sample video)Photo: 1st prize - $200; 5 runners up prizes - $100 each


Committee Review Rubric:

  • Ability to capture and reflects academic richness of experience and student participation
  • Promoting TCSPP
  • Uniqueness of the destination/program/culture
  • Highlights of study abroad experience​
  • Quality of image and/or video​

We are pleased to announce the following winners of this year's contest:​

​2020 First Place Photograph

Photographer: Samantha Fink
Study Abroad: Bali, Indonesia (Fall 2018)


Caption: A group of TCSPP students inside of a Balinese temple learning how to make traditional music with traditional instruments over hundreds of years old.

​2020 Second Place Photograph

Photographer: Cecily Herby
Study Abroad: Bali, Indonesia (Fall 2018)

Caption: Pictured are the purifying fountains of Tirta Empul temple in Bali. The people in the photograph are cleansing themselves in the fountains and have left offerings on the ledge for the Gods. In Balinese culture, the fountains are believed to have healing properties for many ailments including stress, emotional disturbances, skin conditions, love, career advancement, and lifting curses. The students in my study abroad program visited the temple to learn about how the Balinese approach treatment of mental health disorders. Visiting the purifying fountains at the temple was one approach to address mental disorders.

2020 Runner Up Photographs

Photographer: Tramine Miller-Harris
Study Abroad: South Africa (Spring 2019)


Caption: This picture was taking at the Lesedi Cultural Village. I was selected during the history lessons regarding the village to demonstrate how village Kings get married and communicate with there wives. It was a very fun experiences.

Photographer: Juliana Sanchez

Study Abroad:Peru (Summer 2019)​


Caption: Three first generation latinas pursuing doctorate degrees in front of La Universidad de Piura in Lima, Peru after completion of academic instruction with Peruvian students.

Photographer: Udean Mars Williams
Study Abroad: Hong Kong (Fall 2018)​


Caption: An ancient statute which is a major tourist attraction.

Photographer: Amber (Martinez) O'Neil Smith
Study Abroad: Philippines (Fall 2018)​


Caption: This was the view from outside our beautiful hotel in Quezon city, Philippines

Photographer: Trilce Delgado
Study Abroad: Hong Kong (Fall 2018)​


Caption: Shek Kip Mei in Kowloon. Replica of original government housing​.

​2019 First Place Photograph

Photographer: Tramaine Miller- Harris
Study Abroad: South Africa (Spring 2019)


Caption: This photo was myself and a classmate dancing with a lady of African descent at a culture site that we visited.​


2019 Second Place Photograph

Photographer: Amima Digane
Study Abroad: China (Summer 2016)


Caption: A triumphant an joyous celebration of reaching one end of the Great Wall of China. Climbing countless stairs that seem to go on forever, it was quite the journey - both an individually enriching and spiritual experience, as well as a collectively meaningful and bonding experience.

2019 Runner Up Photographs

Photographer: Shawnell Ware
Study Abroad: ​ South Africa (Summer 2019)​


Caption: SA Study Abroad Cohort SU 2019 conducted a needs assessment on thefirst day visiting Slanspruit Elementary School. Students had no toys to play with during recreation time. Students visit Game (supermarket like Walmart) and purchased a plethora of soccer balls, soccer goals, basketballs, jumpropes, and yoga mats in order for children to remain childlike and experience playtime in a constructive, meaningful way.

Photographer: Taylor Dombek
Study Abroad: South Africa (Spring 2018)


Caption:Kakum National Park - Rainforest Reverie: This canopy walkway provides a birds eye view of the rainforest and an opportunity to bond and develop an exhilarating trust with my cohort, overlooking expansive tree canopies and while enjoying the ambient natural melodies.


Photographer: Melinda Sosa
Study Abroad: Peru (Summer 2019)


Caption: The Image includes a classmates talking to an indigenous female in her native dress and with her infant child selling edible goods out on Carabaya Street in Lima, Peru.​


Photographer: Amelia Styer
Study Abroad: Switzerland (Spring 2019)


Caption: Taking in the view at Carl Jung's famous Bollingen Tower on Lake Zurich. The Jung family was there at the tower when we visited, and gave us special permission to look around!


Photographer: Diedra Price
Study Abroad: South Africa (Spring 2017)


Caption: This photograph depicts a young student, Hector Pieterson who is being carried by another student during the Soweto uprising in 1976. Hector took part in a peaceful demonstration and was shot and killed by police officers while taking a stand against disparities and inequities in black schools in South Africa. 


Photographer: Akshaya Parthasarathi
Study Abroad: India (Summer 2019)


Caption: Not a piece of architectire, as other buidings are, but the proud passion of an emperor's love in the living stones. Here is a marvel of creation - TAJ MAHAL.


Photographer: Rhonda Jallah
Study Abroad: India (Summer 2019)


Caption: This image was from when we visited Pukar, a nonprofit organization that teaches community children to do research. They translated their research findings in a picture to present. The study was about a community limited acess to the only clinic that is across the railroads. Several people giving birth before reaching the clinic because they are stuck at the railroad. Some lose their lives as well. It was impressive how these children were able to translate their findings with limited resources, and they made reccomendations to their communities leaders. This program helps these children stay out of trouble and off the street, and give them a purpose.


Photographer: Holly Barszcz
Study Abroad: South Africa (Spring 2019)


Caption: This picture is of Nelson Mandela inside of the Mandela House in Soweto, South Africa. He is a predominant figure in the South African community. This was inside his home where he resided after being released from prison in 1990.


Photographer: Kristin Brown
Study Abroad: Amsterdam (Summer 2019)


Caption: Fellow TCSPP students took a trip to Amsterdam to the quaint town of Zaanse Schans. The air smelled like chocolate from the chocolate factories nearby, and the classic Dutch windmills were beautiful and jistorically rich.


Photographer: Moises Ventura
Study Abroad: Singapore/Malaysia (Summer 2019)


Caption: The picture depicts my travel group in front of the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel and at a hawker center, which is the traditional food court in Singapore offering a variety of local dishes.


Photographer: Lisa Jacovsky
Study Abroad: South Africa (Spring 2019)


Caption: Feeding and making friends with adorable little monkeys while visiting the animal sanctuary in Capetown.


Photographer: Kade-Ann Henry
Study Abroad:Singapore/Malaysia (Summer 2019)


Caption: Malaysia yoga sanctuary experience.


Photographer: Kelly King
Study Abroad: Switzerland (Spring 2019)


Caption: The fog beyond.​


​2018 First Place Photograph

Photographer: Amanda Frankel
Study Abroad: Zambia (Fall 2017)​


Caption: I am sitting in the streets of Lusaka with some street children listening to their stories to better understand their needs and wishes for a better life. Exactly where I am sitting is where these children sleep and live daily.

2018 Second Place Photograph

Photographer: Lucy Turek
Study Abroad: South Africa (Fall 2016)


​​Caption: We visited a children's orphanage center just outside Johannesburg, South Africa. This picture is from the center. We all were playing outside together after doing artwork. It was amazing! The children were full of love and energy. At one point, I was able to begin a circle and teach the children all how to do handstands. It was wonderful.

2018 Runner Up Photographs

Photographer: Benjamin Carter
Study Abroad: Germany (Summer 2018)

​ 3.png

​​Caption: Rocks of remembrance for a mass grave – Shortly before the liberation of Sachsenhausen Concentration camp at the end of WWII, the Nazis murdered approximately 300 of the inmates. When the camp was opened to the public, the facilities placed these benches on the exact site of the mass murder. Relatives and friends of the victims place small stones on the benches to commemorate their loved ones, a Jewish tradition. In this photo, the outline of the bench creates a partial arrow pointing in the direction of the rest of the graves and a Nasi guard tower. This representing that it is only through remembrance can we move forward and past our collective traumas.


Photographer: Julia Borges
Study Abroad: Peru (Summer 2017)


Caption: Visiting the pyramids of Lima with our class.

Photographer: Kimia Anderson
Study Abroad: Switzerland (Spring 2018)


Caption: This picture shows Morgan Freeman and me excited and ready for a lecture        outside of the Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. We are wearing our TCSPP shirts. You  can see our classmates in the background as well.  

Photographer: Michael Feinstein
Study Abroad: Germany (Summer 2018)


Caption: This picture was taken at the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp near Berlin.     This is the entrance gate and it says in German "work sets you free." Visiting this                 concentration camp was very powerful both personally and academically.

Photographer: Caitlin Tromiczak
Study Abroad: The Philippines (Fall 2017)


Caption: These are the bronzed footsteps of Philippine national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, at Fort         Santiago historical site in Manila. An activist for peaceful reform, he was also a journalist, poet,       doctor, and leader for Filipino freedom under Spanish rule. In the late 1800's, Rizal was              sentenced to death by firing squad. These footprints memorialize his final walk to his         execution. The flower symbolizes the inspiration he continues to represent for many           Filipinos today working for freedom and speaking out against oppression.


Photographer: Leslie Chaplin
Study Abroad: Zambia (Fall 2017)


Caption: Driving through Zambia on our way to Victoira Falls, a delicious fruit stand with            beautiful Zambian people.


Photographer: Yayra Tsikudo
Study Abroad: Peru (Summer 2018)


Caption: The image was taken in Cusco, Peru.  The image shows a Peruvian mother and her child dressed in traditional Peruvian clothing.  Also, the mother is in the process of making Peruvian clothing.


Photographer: Trilce Delgado
Study Abroad: Germany (Summer 2017)


Caption: While in Germany to work with refugees observed a Sikh street artist who works in        chalk and his design on the sidewalk.


Photographer: Lexy Coleman
Study Abroad: South Africa (Spring 2018)


​Caption: This photo is the Eukhopholeni Mental Health Centre where we volunteered for a week.


Photographer: Melanie Ludvigsen
Study Abroad: Germany (Summer 2018)


Caption: People in Germany have a history of using graffiti and street art as tools of protest.  When free speech was prohibited, first by the Nazi party, and then again by the government of the GDR, Germany citizens turned to more anonymous forms of protest in hopes of protecting themselves and family members.  Today, murals, graffitied messages, and stickers are prevalent on the streets of Berlin.

Photographer: Matt Schneider
Study Abroad: Germany (Summer 2018)


Caption: This image is from the Holocaust memorial in Berlin. It is built on the site of the former administrative offices of the Nazi party, where the Holocaust was planned and implemented. 


Photographer: Jodie Shrode
Study Abroad: Switzerland (Summer 2018)


Caption: Finding peace and serenity on top of Mt. Rigi.


Photographer: Udean Elizabeth Mars Williams
Study Abroad: Country name not provided (Fall 2017)


Caption: This is a female in traditional clothing sitting in front of a traditional housing.​


Photographer: Sindile Dlamini
Study Abroad: The Philippines (Fall 2017)


Caption: This photo demonstrates the importance of agriculture in the Philippines, and a reminder to live off the earth as a lifestyle, and a reminder that the earth, animals, and men can be one and live in harmony to yield a better harvest and health for humanity. 


Photographer: Kelly Rauch
Study Abroad: Peru (Summer 2018)


Caption: Cusco, Peru, morning beauty (no filters). ​


Photographer: Saba Mahmood
Study Abroad: South Africa (Spring 2018)


​Caption: The picture was taken on the top of a mountain that I hiked while in Johannesburg, South Africa. The picture represents the unique lifestyle and neighborhood layout of the country, with homes and buildings intertwined wiht nature. The crease between the two mountains, to me, is a metaphore of the culture divide that has been prevalent in South Africa since the beginning of times. Overall, the picture captures a bittersweet scene of the breathtakingly amazing country of South Africa. 


Photographer: Anastasia Przybyla
Study Abroad: Switzerland (Spring 2018)


Caption: A woman painting on the sidewalk of the ever so busy Zurich. I received permission from the woman to take her photo, and I think that this picture just embodies everything Zurich believes in. To relax and see what is in front of you.​


2017 First Place Photograph

Photographer: Maria Frisch
Study Abroad: Germany (Spring 2017)

Maria Frisch 1.jpg

Caption: Visit to a Nazi concentration camp. In this corridor hung long, muslin sheets with people's faces transposed. To get through, I had to weave in between all the individual people on sheets that were standing in my way – seemingly looking directly at me. The transparent sheets reveal the museum in the background. Of all the exhibits, this one impacted me the most.

2017 Second Place Photograph

Photographer: Caitlin Tromiczak
Study Abroad: Rwanda (Fall 2016)

Caitlin Tromiczak 1.jpg 

​​Caption: Traditional Rwandan dance by young members of the Children's Hope Club. These courageous souls are able to heal from trauma and envision futures for themselves with the support of the Club. Referred to as a "surrogate family" by many, the mission is to transform intergenerational trauma into intergenerational resilience.

2017 Runner Up Photographs

Photographer: Peggy Ryan (Claire Manley)​
Study Abroad: Switzerland (Spring 2017)

​Caption: This photo has all of our study abroad classmates sitting around a fountain in Zurich, which has been decorated for the spring festival that occurs each year. The spring festival is finished with lighting dynamite inside a snowman and counting the time it takes for "Bogg" the snowman to explode. We celebrated in the festivities and saw Bogg burning. ​

Photographer: Paloma Luviano
Study Abroad: Lima (Summer 2017)

 4th place.jpg

Caption: This image was taken outside one of the common outdoor markets in Lima Peru known as Mercados. The outdoor markets of Lima contain a variety of fruit and veggies as well as fresh meat, poultry and fish. When entering a market hall in Lima you might be overwhelmed by the various colors, smells and tumult around you. Vendors offer their products enthusiastically while customers argue about prices and freely taste before buying.

Photographer: Alisha Arnold
Study Abroad: Myanmar (Spring 2017)

5th place.jpg
Caption: Yangon, Myanmar at sunset.

 Photographer: Monika Howard

Study Abroad: Ghana (Summer 2017)

6th place.jpg

Caption: This picture shows the port of Elmina and the many fishing boats. This is at dusk and you can see the magnitude of how important fishing is to this town.

 Photographer: Jessica Evans

Study Abroad: South Africa (Summer 2017)

7th place.jpg
Caption: Joyful can not begin to express the feeling experienced while visiting elementary school children in South Africa. This image embodies the spirit of all the youth encountered during the visit--vibrant and full of life.

Photographer: Inaya Jaafar

Study Abroad: South Africa (Summer 2017)

8th place.jpg
Caption: The students at Slangspruit Primary School in South Africa greeted our study abroad team with a warm welcome every time.

Previous Contest Winners

2016 First Place Photograph

Photographer: Rachael Renteria
Study Abroad: Chile (Spring 2016)

Winning photo.Rachael Renteria.png

Caption: Towards the end of our trip; empowering one another. 

Runner Up Photographs

Photographer: Orlando Saiz
Study Abroad: Japan (Summer 2014)

Orlando Saiz photo.png

Caption: Montessori academy in Japan where we spent the day with faculty, staff and students learning about the school and program. 


Photographer: Karen Brown
Study Abroad: Rawanda (Fall 2015)

Karen Brown.png

Caption: painting on the wall of the Rwanda Genocide Museam.  The far right of the wall had no faces becasue there were too many to paint.  Instead the painting trails off and hand-prints were added to show that bodies are still being excaveted even in 2015.  

Photographer: Alexander Andrews
Study Abroad: Bali (Fall 2015)

Anexander Andrews.png

Caption: Walking home from school.

Photographer: Chanelle Doucette
Study Abroad: Chile (Spring 2016)

Chanelle Doucette.png

Caption: Murals painted by community health workers (all women) to educate the community about domestic violence and other women's health concerns.  

Photographer: Laura VanWort
Study Abroad: Bali (Fall 2015)

Laura VanWort.png

Caption: ​This image displays the process of reflection and finding peace which was a major part of this study abroad experience.

2015 First Place Photograph

Photographer: Jacquelyn Harlan
Study Abroad: Greece (Fall 2014)

Jacquelyn Harlan Photo 1.jpg

Runner Up Photographs

Photo #1
Photographer: Alexander Andrews
Study Abroad: China (Summer 2015)

Alexander Andrews Photo 1.jpg 

Photo #2
Photographer: Dimitra Iliopoulous
Study Abroad: Israel (Spring 2015)

Dimitra Iliopoulous.jpg

Photo #3
Photographer: Karen Brown
Field Experience: China (Spring 2015)

Karen Brown Photo 2.jpg

Photo #4
Photographer: Jessica Hogan
Study Abroad: Brazil (Spring 2015)

Jessica Hogan Photo 2 2.jpg

2014 First Place Photograph

Photographer: Reginald Pacheco
Study Abroad: Northern Ireland (Spring 2014)

Photo Contest_Reginald Pacheco.jpg

2014 Runner Up Photographs

Photo #1
Photographer: Tracy Belle
Field Experience: Peru (Spring 2014)

Photo Contest_Tracy Belle.jpg

Photo #2
Photographer: Cheryl Green
Field Experience: Philippines (Fall 2013)

Photo Contest_Cheryl Green.jpg

Photo #3
Photographer: Sultana Karim
Study Abroad: Bhutan (Summer 2014)

Photo Contest_Sultana Karim.jpg

Photo #4
Photographer: Leah Spolarich
Study Abroad: Zambia (Spring 2014)

Photo Contest_Leah Spolarich.jpg