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The Chicago School is proud to partner with Student Solutions, a free, confidential, around-the-clock counseling service. Student Solutions is a partnership between The Chicago School and ComPsych, one of the world’s largest providers of student assistance programs. ​

Counseling Providers

Whether you’re struggling with stress and anxiety, relationship issues, or legal and financial concerns, Student Solutions is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Simply call 855-460-6668 to speak with a counseling professional who will assist you with these personal matters and connect you to in-person care with a provider in your area, if desired. ​​​Through Student Solutions, The Chicago School will pay for your first three (3) counseling sessions with a mental health provider per issue. Should you choose to engage in on-going treatment with the provider, you will have the opportunity to establish a rate, which may be offered on sliding scale or include payment by your health insurance plan. ​

Legal Support​

With Student Solutions, you have an attorney “on call” whenever you have questions about legal matters. Speak with  licensed attorneys about legal concerns such as divorce, custody, adoption, real estate, debt and bankruptcy, landlord/tenant issues, civil and criminal actions, and more.

Financial Information

Everyone has financial questions. With Student Solutions, you can get answers to your questions about budgeting, debt management, tax issues and other money concerns from CPAs, Certified Financial Planners® and other financial experts, simply by calling 855-460-6668.

Student Solutions also includes online resources inclusive of wellness, relationships, work and education, financial, legal, lifestyle, and home and auto. Just go to www.guidanceresources.com and enter TCSPP as the web identifier.  ​

Student Solutions is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by calling 855-460-6668. The Student Solutions toll-free line is answered by counseling professionals and is strictly confidential, as mandated by law.


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