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Welcome to National Service Month!​​

​We are pleased to announce this year’s National Service Month volunteer opportunities for The Chicago School Online, Chicago, D.C., Texas, Xavier and SoCal campuses! All staff, faculty, students, and alumni are welcome to attend! Out of concern for the safety of our volunteers, we are going to undertake this year’s National Service Month virtually. We are excited to meet uncertain times with generosity and kindness, connecting our wonderful supporters with those who need us most. 

​​​Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s opportunities are oriented around making an impact virtually. 

​​Click here​for 2021 Events

​​Click here ​to view the Supported Causes

We look forward to hearing your success stories as we work together to better our communities across the nation!

View past service month events:

Have questions about Service Month? Please contact Ben Fisk in Human Resources, [email protected]