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​About PaperCut and Web Print

The Chicago School uses a platform called PaperCut to make it easier for students and faculty to scan and print documents using the Toshiba multifunction copiers on every campus. Web Print is where you log in to our PaperCut website and upload documents like Microsoft Word and PDF files. After you've uploaded your documents, they don't get printed until you visit a multifunction copier and release them from your queue.

​You have to be on the campus network to access Web Print, either by connecting to the wireless network, or logging in to a computer in an office, lab, library, or lounge.

​How to upload documents to Web Print​

  1. Login to PaperCut at​ with your student username and password​

  2. Click Web Print on the left-side menu


  3. Click Submit a Job


  4. Select a printer to send the job to, and then click Print Options and Account Selection


  5. Select the number of copies to print and click Upload Documents


  6. Drag-and-drop files from your computer, or click Upload from computer to browse to your document's location



  7. Click Upload & Complete. Your documents are now queued for printing. You can release them the next time you visit a campus printer.
Can we make these instructions better? Email the Help Desk​ with suggestions.