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Kurzweil 3000 is educational technology assisting with reading, comprehension, writing, assignments, and exams. Operating on multiple platforms, including desktop, iPad, online, and within Google Chrome, Kurzweil provides students, staff, and faculty with tools to organize, notate, read aloud, comprehend, translate, and cite research articles and books. While utilizing Kurzweil’s writing tools, students can increase their vocabulary and writing style to better meet the requirements of their program, whether undergraduate or graduate.

 Student Registration

Student Registration

Students, Register for your free Kurzweil account here, using your Chicago School email address and leaving “external ID” blank.

registration for Kurzweil 

Using the assigned username and password, login to www.Kurzweil3000.com.

 Faculty and Staff Registration

Faculty and staff should self-register as an “Instructor/Teacher”. Request a self-registration link from the ADA Accommodations department at [email protected].

If you would like to have students assigned to your account, contact the Help Desk or Student Success with a roster of students. This will allow you to distribute files, edit papers in your students’ accounts, and more.

 Installation and User Guides

​Install Kurzweil Web License and applicable updates in the Download Center, noting that the download may take up to several hours. Reference Kurzweil Installation Guides for Mac and PC as needed.

Faculty, staff, and student employees must contact the Help Desk for installation on The Chicago School computers.

Upon installation, go to "General Options" to set your software to receive automatic updates, as features are added on a monthly basis.

Review extensive user guides on Kurzweil's Product Guides page. The Quick Guide for Mac or PC is highly recommended.

 Kurzweil On-The-Go

iPad App

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Download the iOS app, optimized for iPad.

Read the Web Google Chrome Extension

Use Kurzweil’s Chrome Extension to read any webpage. Watch a video or read the guide to learn more.

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Access Kurzweil3000.com anywhere! Use this guide to learn more about Kurzweil for Web Browsers.

 Desktop Software Features

Connecting with Google Drive
Did you know? You can connect your Google Drive account to Kurzweil in your web account or on your desktop software to retrieve and save documents.

Kurzweil reading toolbarHighlight notes using the highlighter tool. In Windows, you can change the labels of the highlighters by clicking “Tools” then “Options”:

Kurzweil options

Go to “File” then “Extract” to extract notes and highlights to column notes, an outline, or a study guide.

Also, add text or a sticky note to your document. Link words in your document to a website using the hyperlink tool. Bookmark sections of your text.

Use the dictionary tool to receive an instant definition for a word. Multiple dictionaries are available, including dictionaries that will provide definitions in another language.

Listening toolbar

Click the green arrow to have your article or book read aloud to you. Use “Audio Options” to modify reading unit and your speaker’s language, accent, or speed. Kurzweil can read aloud articles in some other languages as well.

Scanning and Converting Documents
scanning icon Upload documents, images, PDFs, and more to Kurzweil, using your personal scanner, your phone, or your Google Drive account. The software will scan the image or document to make text “readable”, meaning you can highlight or copy it, or have it read aloud to you.

We recommend downloading a free “scanner” app on your phone. Take photos of your books, articles, or other written materials and upload them to your Google Drive account. In Kurzweil, open the photos directly from Google Drive and have your images read aloud to you!

notes icon Take great notes directly in the Writing tab. You can use the Brainstorm or Outline Tools to help you organize your thoughts and research materials.

speech to text icon Dictate your text using Speech-to-Text.

synonyms and defination icon Find synonyms and definitions to improve your vocabulary and increase the quality of your writing.

word predition icon Write quickly and with more accuracy using word prediction.

Bibliography Creation
Create a bibliography in APA format in Mac or PC. In PC, go to “Tools” then click “Bibliography”.

Kurzweil can translate and comprehend 70+ languages, and read aloud 18+ languages. In the Kurzweil desktop software, highlight a word, paragraph, or page to be translated, and click “Online” and “Translate.”

translation screen

Help Desk Assistance

If you require technical assistance during installation or usage, call The Chicago School’s Help Desk and request a Kurzweil-trained technician.

The Chicago School Help Desk

[email protected]


800-747-8367 (toll free)