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 COVID-19 Updates

  • On May 8, 2023, The Chicago School updated its COVID-19 policy to align with the most recent guidance from the CDC.
  • The Chicago School maintains a mask-optional policy at all campuses.
  • The Chicago School does not require vaccination as a condition of enrollment at this time, but encourages all students to follow the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for vaccinations. Recommendations on immunizations are available on the CDC website.
  • In accordance with the latest public health recommendations from the CDC, The Chicago School no longer requires students to report positive COVID-19 cases. The exception to this is for students attending classes or events at the California campuses.
  • If you're unsure about how to address exposure to COVID-19, consult and follow the CDC guidance here. The CDC has an isolation and exposure calculator here.
​Please contact your Student Support Counselor with questions.​

Thank you for keeping our school community safe and healthy.

 How to Report a Positive Covid-19 Case (California Campuses Only)

  • ​If you have attended classes or events at the California campuses and have tested positive for COVID-19, please notify The Chicago School by submitting this online form as soon as possible.
  • After reporting a positive COVID-19 case, you will be instructed by The Chicago School's COVID-19 Support Team on what you need to do before you are permitted to return to campus.