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 Virtual Graduate Research Forum

Virtual Graduate Research Forum​

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The Chicago School of Professional Psychology's Graduate Research Forum (GRF) is an annual conference focusing on student scholarship and professional development. The goal of the GRF is to connect students with other members of the campus community in order to foster collaborations and further the sharing and development of ideas. The GRF emphasizes the interconnectedness of research and practice to provide students with practical experience with poster presentations​.

From classroom experience to service learning to dissertation research, TCSPP students are continually engaged in work that both informs and is informed by research and professional practice. The GRF provides an opportunity for students to:
  • ​Communicate research projects at different stages of development—from formulating a research question to presenting completed research – in an inclusive school setting
  • Address direct questions about research project to enhance critical thinking skills
  • Increase public speaking and writing skills to utilize at future professional conferences
  • Revitalize résumé or CV with presentation experience to increase marketability during the job search process

The GRF welcomes projects from all subject areas related to professional psychology and the behavioral sciences. Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Mental Health
  • Identity and Culture
  • Education Innovation
  • Health Education and Outreach
  • Leadership and Training
  • Child and Adolescent Development

 Posters or oral presentations on all topics, including those outside the above subject areas, are welcomed and encouraged!​

Save the Date - GRF 2021!

Washington, D.C. - ​Monday, March 29 - Friday, April 2

SoCal - Monday, April 26 - Friday, April 30

Online - Monday, May 3rd - Friday, May 7th

Chicago - Monday, June 7th - Friday, June 11th

Dallas - June

If you have any questions regarding the Graduate Research Forum or your poster submission, please contact: [email protected]

 Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines TCSPP round logo.png

Submissions are made online using the Graduate Research Forum Application. Click here to access the application.

All submissions must include:

  • Title of the presentation

  • Name(s) of the researcher(s) presenting and departmental affiliation(s)

  • 3 keywords that best describe the research

  • Methodology used (qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods)

  • 3 scholarly references (in APA format)​​​

  • Abstract of 250-300 words.

  • Thesis or Dissertation Chair (if applicable)

Check out the GRF Submission Guidelines.pdf for more information. ​

 Presenter Resources

Presenter Resources

The Graduate Research Forum Committee has gathered resources to assist you in preparing an abstract, as well as creating and presenting your poster or oral presentation.

Virtual GRF Presenter Resource

digital posters / video narratives 

Digital Poster and Video Narrative Guidelines 2.docx

Doing an Oral Presentation TCSPP PPT Template.png

Students who select this presentation format will be allotted 10 minutes for their presentation and five minutes to respond to questions from the faculty judges.  

Presenting a Poster TCSPP Poster Template Standard.png

Students who select this presentation format will present their posters to judges and attendees throughout the event.  Students will have an opportunity to answer questions from the faculty judges and attendees. 

TCSPP Writing Center 

​The Writing Center is offering several webinars to assist you with preparing for the GRF.  Please visit the Writing Center Website for more information.​ 

TCSPP Templates

Click the links below to down The Chicago School's poster and presentation templates.

 Previous Winners

Previous Winners

​There were many students who presented posters at the GRF last year, and they all did a wonderful job!  Here are the winners from previous years' events: 

2020 National virtual grf winners


2020 Virtual GRF finalists

DC Campus




2018 Winners​

​Chicago Campus

Michael Nutt, Clinical Psychology, Psy.D.
Poster Titled: “Come Here and See” Using PhotoVoice to Understand Youth Perceptions of Growing up with Community Violence

Deonna Kitwana, Clinical Psychology, Psy. D
Poster Titled:  “Tough Love: A Grounded Theory Study the Explores the Impact of Historical Oppression on African American Mother-Daughter Relationships & Perception of Mothers in the Black Family”

Kathryn Paul, Clinical Psychology, Psy. D
Poster Titled: “Making a Terrorist: Psychology Risk Factors in the Recruitment of Female Suicide-Homicide Bombers”

Kathleen Carroll-Wray, Clinical Psychology, Psy.D
Poster Titled: “Program Development: School Based Yoga Interventions for Elementary School Aged Children with High Functioning Autism”

Ronald Love, Clinical Psychology, Psy. D
Poster Titled: “Changing Our Narrative: A Program Development that Provides Clinical Intervention and Community Services to African American Male Adolescents Exposed to Community Violence”

Ethan Swift, Clinical Psychology, Psy. D
Poster Titled: “My Gender is “F*ck it”: A Cultural Exploration of Gender Anarchy in the United States’ Transgender Communities”

Meghan Chapman, Clinical Psychology, Psy. D
Poster Titled: “Internet Use, Burnout, and Self-Care”

Kat Jones, Clinical Psychology, Psy. D
Poster Titled: “Sub-Fems: An Exploration of the Intersectionality of Empowerment Through Submissive Identity, Grounded in Feminist Theory. A Qualitative Study Exploring the Felt Sense of Empowerment that is Gained Through Submissive Identity Within the Kink Community”

Sarah Pekoc, Clinical Psychology, Psy. D
Poster Titled: “The Traumatic Effects of Cultural and Familial Oppression on Children with Problematic Sexual Behaviors and Treatment”

Washington D.C. Campus

Marylin Marquez-Orellana, International Psychology, PhD
Poster Titled: “Psychological functioning and resiliency in survivors of the Salvadorian civil war massacre of El Mozote, Morazan” 

Meerim Shakirova, International Psychology, PhD
Poster Titled: “Behavior change of local community members through capacity building learning activities on use and management of forest resources in Cote d’Ivoire”  

Ayaba Sedjro, Forensic Psychology, MA
Poster Titled: “The Cycle of Abuse Amongst Juvenile Offenders”   

​​​Southern California Campuses

Nemetria Wilson, Clinical Psychology, Psy.D
Poster Titled: “Sexuality Education for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities: A Staff Training”

Heidi Ramirez, Forensic Psychology, Psy.D
Poster Titled: “The Effects of Human Animal Interaction in Assessing the Changes of Negative Thinking Patterns, Emotional Intelligence and Empathy with At-Risk Youth”

Elijah Morrow, Forensic Psychology, Psy.D
Poster Titled: “Cognitive and Affective Empathy in Sexual Offenders: A Meta-Analysis”

Online Campus

Robin Arnall,  Applied  Behavior Analysis, PhD 
Poster Titled: “Stimulus Equivalence using Non-Visual Stimuli”  

Archana Rajareddy, Applied Behavior Analysis, M.S.
Poster Titled: “The Effect of SAFMEDS to Increase Fluency of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Terms Among Medical Students and Physician Assistant Students” 

James Moore, Organizational Leadership, PhD
Poster Titled: “Understanding the Needs of Mentors in Faculty Mentoring Programs” 

Melody Brown, Master of Public Health 
Poster Titled: “Examining the Relationship Between Mass Shootings and State Firearm Provisions, 2014-2017.”

2017 Winners

Chicago Campus

Michele Hanhapl, Clinical Psychology, PsyD
Poster Titled: “Female Preadolescents' Receptivity to Maternal Social Coaching as Moderated by Attachment Style”

Natalie Nordlund and Briana Naseer, School Psychology 
Poster Titled: “Using the Systems Problem-Solving Consultation Model to Facilitate School Change”

Katelyn Moriah Smith-Bresky, Clinical Psychology, PsyD
Poster Titled: “Attachment Narrative Therapy in a Parent Group”

Washington DC Campus

Jamie Reedy, International Psychology PhD
Poster Titled: “Pediatric Oncology Parental/Caregiver Training in Play Therapy Techniques”

Rosalind Rogers, International Psychology PhD
Poster Titled: “Intergenerational Trauma among Afghan Refugees in Canada”

Ta-Keisha Smith and Claire Perkins, Clinical Psychology PsyD
Poster Titled: “Infertility, Family Planning, and Psychological Distre

Southern Califor​nia Cam​puses

Katherine Kelly, Clinical Psychology, PsyD 
Poster Titled: “Explorations of Unconscious Millisecond Timing in the Self-Disturbances of Schizophrenia”

Charles Scrantom, Clinical Psychology, PsyD 
Poster Titled: “Relationships Between Horizontal Gratitude, Vertical Gratitude, Subjective Well-being, and Spiritual Well-being in the Sheltered Homeless”

Adam Stoker, Psychology MA 
Poster Titled: “Gay and Persian: A Qualitative Study Investigating Levels of Familial Support in Iranian-American Gay Men”

Online Campus

Robin Arnall, Applied Behavior Analysis PhD
Poster Titled: “Using TAGTeach to Increase Skill Acquisition of Dance Movements”

Jennifer Quigley, Applied Behavior Analysis PhD
Poster Titled: “A Comparison of Modeling, Prompting, and a Multi-Component for Teaching Play Skills to Children with Developmental Disabilities”

Angela Swain, Business Psychology 
Poster Titled: “The Relationship between Managers' Emotional Intelligence and Employee Voice”​​