​Welcome to the Southern California Campus Writing Center!

scheduling system update

The Southern California Writing Center is now scheduling appointments via WCONLINE. Click the "Schedule Appointment & Submit Work" link above to access our calendar. We are currently sharing a page with the Chicago/New Orleans Campus, so be sure to select the California calendar.

We have writing and statistics coaches available to assist you Monday-Friday. Click in a slot on the calendar, choose which kind of appointment you want (written feedback or a live video chat), and fill in the required information. To access video appointments, click back into the appointment slot. Written feedback will be returned via email and will also be accessible via the calendar.

A note on scheduling: the calendar uses 1-hour time slots, with slot 1 corresponding to 7 am and slot 13 corresponding to 7 pm. A white square in a time slot means that time is available. A blue square means the time is not available.

Southern California Writing Center Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to engage students in their learning process, to empower them to be skillful and confident writers, and to help them become effective contributors to their discipline. This is achieved through the ability to critically evaluate research and support assertions. We believe writing is a life-long process that provides an outlet for students to have an active voice in their chosen field of study and career path. We commit to helping all students develop and hone skills that will enhance their academic and professional lives. ​​ 

Southern California Writing Center Vision and Approach: 

The CA Writing Center is a place where students of all degree levels and disciplines can feel safe and supported in developing their skills, a place that is free from judgment, and a place where the processes of inquiry and incremental improvement are valued above all else. In line with the Vision and Values of The Chicago School, the CA Writing Center provides innovative services and learning resources to assist certificate, bachelor, master, and doctoral students on their path to becoming stronger academic writers. ​

To advance our mission and vision and assist writers at all stages of their academic journey, we offer:​

  • 1:1 Writing consultations for course work, masters theses, and dissertation proposal chapters
  • Workshops and seminars on academic and professional writing
  • Customized support and resources for multilingual students

To fulfill its mission of empowering students to become more skillful writers, The CA Writing Center encourages students to take pride and ownership in developing autonomy in the following areas:

  • Self-edit and proofread their work by identifying patterns of error with support from the Writing Specialist
  • Discern when content area support is needed from their advisor or dissertation/thesis chair
  • Know their resources for IT level support and when it is necessary to ask for help

Fingertip Resources

Southern California​ writing center Contact Information:

​California Campus Writing Center Email: CAWritingCenter@thechicagoschool.edu
California Campus Writing Center Course/Submissions: CAWritingCenter@thechicagoschool.edu


California Campus​ Contact

Dr. Sabrina Howard