The following tools and guides offer advice for perfecting your interviewing skills.​





Interview Stream

You’ve heard it said so many times. Making an excellent first impression is essential for a strong interview. This includes your appearance, your timeliness, but most importantly, your interviewing skills!

Who really gets the job? The best qualified? The smartest candidate? Not necessarily! Most of the time, it’s the person who is able to best sell his or her skills to employers in a professional and effective manner.

Have a webcam? You can even conduct an interview right now! This tool provides feedback and tips of non-verbal behavior and communication missteps, plus it's very helpful for objective Counselor assessment.

To get started:

  • Go to​ ​

  • Click “Create Account”
  • Complete a short profile and choose your own username and password.
  • You can then conduct a virtual interview (you must have a pc with a webcam)
  • If you have already registered with InterviewStream prior to the interview, please log in using that information. If you have not registered, please choose the “New User” option.
  • Adjust the webcam on top and volume on the right side of the computer screen before beginning the interview.
  • The interviewer will ask you a question and you can then respond. When finished with your response, click the mouse and it will stop recording.
  • After each question, you can either “Retry” the response, “Skip” and come back to the question, “Review” to see your response, or choose “OK” to move on.
  • When the interview is complete, you will receive an email with a link to view your responses and you are then able to email your interview to a career counselor to review and give feedback. 

Access Interview Stream

Interviewing for Practicum and Internship

You have invested considerable time and energy into carefully selecting sites, creating stellar CVs and writing convincing cover letters.  The interview process requires equal amounts of preparation, stamina and reflection.  The importance of conducting a professional interview cannot be overstated.  Thorough preparation for an interview can help distinguish you as a hardworking applicant.  Asking key questions can help you determine how the site will meet your training needs.  Articulating your knowledge and interest with poise, while managing the anxiety produced by the interview situation, helps you shine during interviews.  Below is a guide to how to prepare and conduct successful interviews; tips on travel arrangements; and the next steps to follow after the interview.  In addition, there is a listing of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.


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