PHS, Commissioned Corps  

lDivision under US Department of Health & Human Services
lOnly open to Licensed Clinical Psychologists, no clinical counseling
lUniform Corp
lPartnered with Department of Defense to service veterans

US Public Health, Commissioned Corps

lThe U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps is an elite team of more than 6,000 full-time, well-trained, highly qualified public health professionals dedicated to delivering the Nation's public health promotion and disease prevention programs and advancing public health science. Driven by a passion for public service, these men and women serve on the frontlines in the Nation's fight against disease and poor health conditions.

lAs one of America's seven uniformed services, the Commissioned Corps fills essential public health leadership and service roles within the Nation's Federal Government agencies and programs.

Who is eligible to participate

Officer positions:

lLicensed Clinical Psychologists

This means:

lYou are on active duty
lCan be deployed to natural disasters
lYou determine where your location
l2 years minimum service 

Requirements for eligibility:

lBe a U.S. citizen
lBe less than 44 years of age
lBe medically qualified
lHave a current, unrestricted professional license (if applicable)
lHave a qualifying degree or a higher degree from an accredited institution (varies depending on occupation)


lCompetitive starting pay that increases with promotions and years of service
lHealth care and dental care at no cost
lTax-free housing and meal allowances
lThirty days of paid vacation per year—beginning the first year
lPaid sick leave
lPaid maternity leave
lPaid Federal holidays
lMalpractice insurance coverage
lA retirement plan with benefits eligibility beginning after 20 years of service
lThrift Savings Plan [retirement savings and investment plan similar to a 401(k)]
lLow-cost life insurance
lLow-cost health care for your family.  

PHS, Commissioned Corp

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