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If you are not on social media, you need to start building your online brand now!  Some employers access social media accounts to gain a better sense of your professional brand and experience.  Social media can also help you enhance your exposure and expertise as a professional and can help you build or expand your network.  Below, Career Services highlights three major social media tools - LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  Access these resources to help you enhance your career success.


What is LinkedIn?
According to LinkedIn, users are able to build their professional identity online and stay in touch with colleagues and classmates. Additionally, through LinkedIn you are able to discover professional opportunities and get the latest news and insights you need to be great at what you do.  

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The Chicago School's LinkedIn Groups:
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
LINK Alumni Mentoring Program [The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
[Alumni] The Chicago School of Professional Psychology  *You must be a TCSPP Alumni to join this group*

LinkedIn Lingo:
InMail: Private messages that allow you to directly contact any LinkedIn member
1st degree connection: Direct connection - Person's you know on a personal/professional level
2nd degree connection: Connections to each of your 1st degree connections
3rd degree connection: Connections to those in your 2nd degree connections
Connection: LinkedIn members who have accepted an invitation to connect 


What is Facebook?
Facebook is an online social networking site. While most people use Facebook for personal interaction there is a wide range of employers utilizing Facebook to advertise their company and positions. While you may utilize Facebook for personal use, be aware that employers can/will check your Facebook profile to learn more about your candidacy.

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Become a fan of The Chicago School's Facebook page to learn about upcoming events, compelling faculty profiles, and timely psychology news.  

Facebook Lingo:
# (Hashtag): Hashtags categorize posts on Facebook by key words 
@: If you want to call out other users in your posts on Facebook and Twitter you put @ before their profile name 
Like: You can like businesses and then their updates will populate on your newsfeed
Friend: Connecting with someone you know
Newsfeed: Likes, photos, and status updates from your friends that appear on your main page
Status Updates: Updating your friends on information which can include updates, articles, and photos
Wall:  The online area that houses your personal information such as posts from your friends and personal status updates


What is Twitter?
Twitter is an online social networking platform that allows users to "tweet" thoughts, comments, news, updates, and more through 140 characters or less.  The first step is to find and follow other Twitter accounts you are interested in which can include businesses, public service accounts, people you know, new sources and even celebrities.  Once you follow users their tweets will populate in your timeline.  

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The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Twitter Accounts:
@gradpsychology: The official Twitter page of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
@TCareerServices: The official Twitter page of Career Services at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology 

Twitter Lingo:
# (Hashtag): Hashtags categorize tweets and posts on Twitter by keywords 
@: If you want to call out other users in your posts on Twitter you put @ before their profile name 
Tweet: the act of posting a message on Twitter
Retweet: You can forward another user's tweet to all of your followers 

Now that you know about the top 3 social media platforms it is time for you to build your personal brand.  For more information, view the webinar on "Branding You: Developing Your Brand and Building Your Business" that was presented during Career Development Week.  

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