Global I​​mpact Scholarship

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Deadline: October 1st Every Year 

10 recipients will be selected to receive $1000 each for this scholarship. Award will be disbursed to the recipient's student account and apply to any existing balance. 

Scholarship Application Prompt

Please articulate how you envision your contribution to the growth and progress of psychology in your home country after returning with your degree from The Chicago School. Within the context of your international journey, what could fellow students, faculty, and staff learn from the most compelling and unique aspect of your experience.  

Eligibility Criteria: 

Applicants for this scholarship: 
- Must be new or returning international students in Active school status and good academic standing 
- Must be enrolled full time at one of the The Chicago School’s on-ground campuses in Fall semester  
- Must have maintained Nonimmigrant Status 
- Applicants can only apply for one scholarship each year offered by Global Engagement​ 

Options for Application Submission:

- Essay + Photos:  Essay must be 1000 words maximum. 3 photos must be included in the essay document. The photos may be a professional profile photo, photo back home, photo at The Chicago School studying or working as CWS, Practicum or other professional experiences. Please make sure to provide captions to your photos. 
Essay Format: Word doc. 

- Video / Youtube: The length of the video can vary between 3-minute minimum to 15-minute maximum. The video should demonstrate your cultural background, educational experiences, and the journey that led you to the field of psychology. Reading your essay in front of a camera is not considered as a video submission. Video Format: Youtube link or mp4 attachment.

- Blog or Online Scrapbook:  Content must be 1000 words maximum. Minimum 3 photos must be included in the submission and can be a profile photo, photo back home, photo at The Chicago School studying or working as CWS, Practicum or Internship. Format: Presentation, slides, other online format that allows access. Please make sure to provide captions to your photos. 

2023 Winners
Mutesi Basoga, Uganda- M.A. Clinical Mental Health
Jhanavi Bharwani, India- Psy.D. Clinical Psychology
Shirley Gonsalves, India- M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Imogen Krell, United Kingdom- Psy.D. Clinical Psychology
Katarzyna Lewinska, Poland, Psy.D. Applied Clinical Psychology
Hala Mohamoud, Egypt, Ph.D. Organizational Leadership
Rushika Paliwal, India, M.A. Industrial Organizational Psychology
Quincy Pereira, India- M.S. Applied Behavior Analysis
Ruqaiyah Qureshi, India, M.A. Counseling Psychology
Dhrumi Savla, India, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology
Jia Wei Tan, Singapore, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology
Yuzhou Wu, China, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology

2022 Winners
Anamika Shahi- Applied Behavior Analysis, MA; Nepal
Xiaoyan Lu- Applied Clinical Psychology, PsyD; China
Meher Sharma- Clinical Psychology, PsyD; India
Sara Guererro- Clinical Mental Health Counseling, MA; Venezuela
Evgeniia Agadullina- Marriage & Family Therapy, MA; Russia
Herleena Verraich- Clinical Psychology, PsyD; Canada
​Kamila Bizhanova- Psychology, BA; Kazakhstan
​Lorato Kenosi- Clinical Forensic Psychology, PsyD; Botswana
​Alaska Gilmour- Counseling​ Psychology, MA; Zimbabwe
​Bo Pang- Business Psychology, PhD; China​

Runners Up
Havovi Shroff- Counseling Psychology, MA; India
​​Shanaya Dsilva- Inbdustrial/Organizational Psychology, MA; India
2021 Winners
Isha Mahajan
Sara Zulghena
Wongthipa Wongserbchart
Simran Agrawal
Shake Hovhannisyan
Miriam Boateng
Vanshika Gupta
Colm Johnston
Amina Ayodeji-Ogundirun
Monica Michikao-Sato
Blessing Agoha

2020 Winners
Himaya Rajapakse, Sri Lanka, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology
Harveen Sekhon, Canada, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology
Meher Sharma, India, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology
Sindisiwe Mbeje, South Africa, Ph.D., Organizational Leadership
Rooha Rowhani, South Africa, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology
Sania Ahmed, India, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology
Xiaojing Ma, China, Psy.D., Marriage and Family Therapy
Hanna Bondarenko, Ukraine, M.A., Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Phoebe Ka Yin Tse, Hong Kong, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology
YuTuo Liao, Taiwan, Ph.D., Business Psychology
Hina Wain, Canada, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology
Dilara Kosak, Turkey, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology
Katharina Tesmer, Germany, M.A., Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Ademola Owolabi, Nigeria, Ph.D., Organizational Leadership Psychology
​Begum Rokeya, Bangladesh, Ph.D.,International Psychology
Kelly Oriane Hirwa Ntwali, Rwanda, Ph.D., Business Psychology
Anureet Gill, Canada, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology

2019 Winners
Eva Lahmann- Costa Rica, M.A., Clinical mental Health Counseling
Harveen Sekhon- Canada, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology
Amina Ayodeji-Ogundirun- Nigeria, M.A., Organizational Psychology
Himaya Rajapakse- Sri Lanka, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology
Sharon Tawiah- ghana, M.A., Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Hardik Kotak- India, M.A., Counseling Psychology
Aira Agbayani- Philippines- M.A., Forensic Psychology
Caroline Campbell- canada, Psy.D., Clinical Psychology
Camila ramirez-Suarez- Colombia- M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy