Join The Chicago School for Study Abroad to empower your personal and professional development! The Chicago School has been remaining steadfast in its commitment to offering life-changing inter​national learning experiences to our students. In order to assist you besides the Financial Aid and Supplemental Aid if you are eligible, we have set aside some fund to make the experience possible for you. 

The application opens to all programs in February of each year, students can apply for a program and check Yes to the scholarship application question on the Study Abroad Application Form. Recipients will be selected, when budget is available, and receive $3000 each.  


Application is not open at this time and will announce to the community when we resume this offer.



- Applicant must apply for a study abroad programcheck Yes to the question for this scholarship and acknowledge the scholarship requirement and disclosures. 

- Applicant must be an Active student in good standing during the term/semester of program offering.  

Scholarship Requirement 

Short Essay – 200-300 word maximum 

  - Why are you interested in this Study Abroad program? 

 - What do you expect to gain personally and professionally from the Study Abroad experience?  

 - After you return from travel, how will you teach your peers about the importance of international learning -    

 - Describe your plan for sharing your experience with your fellow students in as much detail as possible including date, venue, etc. Consider hosting an international night, a special information session for students in your department, or a panel presentation during International Education Week. Be creative! ​​


- Submit your short essay to [email protected] as an attachment in a Word or PDF file.​ 

​​Scholarship Award 

The award will be posted to the scholarship winner’s Chicago School student account and will be applied to any outstanding balance. If the student is a financial aid user, the scholarship may require adjustment of student loans in order to accommodate the funding in the student’s cost of attendance budget. Please consult with Financial Aid ([email protected] or 1.800.684.2890, option 1) to determine if the scholarship will impact funding.   


By applying for this scholarship, I understand and accept below: 

  • If the travel portion of my study abroad program is cancelled, I understand that Study Abroad Scholarship will be applied to the balance of my program fee if it cannot be fully recouped. I agree that any additional funds will be forfeited. 

  • I understand that if the program in which I enroll is cancelled, the scholarship may be reallocated to another program within the same term/semester if I choose to participate in a different program in the same semester. 

  • I understand that if the program is cancelled due to an unforeseen circumstances (i.e. transportation strike, in-country and domestic strike, weather delay, pandemic, natural disasters, etc.), and there is no program within the same Fiscal Year, the scholarship will be forfeited. 

  • I understand that if I decide not to participate in a Study Abroad program during the designed term/semester, my scholarship will be forfeited. 

Scholarship Review Rubric 

  • Genuineness: Does the interest expressed reflect sincerity of the student and show understanding of the rationale for study abroad programs? Are the applicant’s expectations realistic and practical?  

  • Depth of Vision: Recognition of the purpose of study abroad programs. How well does the student draw the connection between the program and the impact on their personal and professional development? 

  • Potential to Contribute: Rate on impact on personal and professional growth and contribution to professional field?