Click on each section below to learn more about what will happen on the day of a Hearing. 

 People involved:

  • ​You
  • Your Support Person, if applicable
  • The Referring Party (Academic Department Lead) who will present the referral on behalf of the department
  • An OPT representative, if your referral is related to training
  • Your research project chair, if applicable
  • Members of SCS​​
    • Panel Lead
    • Faculty Panel ​Members
    • Student Panel Member, if applicable
    • Staff Panel Member

 ​Role of a Support Person:

A Chicago School faculty member or a non-student staff member can serve as your support person during your Hearing. Your support person can provide advice and support to you related to the SCS process prior to your Hearing and will be present during your Hearing. Your support person cannot answer questions on your behalf before, during, or after your hearing. ​

 Hearing Procedures:

All SCS hearings are virtual and use online meeting technology provided by the school. You must appear on camera for the duration of the hearing.

If you do not attend your hearing, the hearing will take place without you. Any person who is not an employee of the school may not attend the hearing in any capacity except as part of an approved disability accommodation. Since SCS is an institutional policy and not judicial, you may not have an attorney present.

Your Academic Department Lead will present the referral during your hearing. Additional written materials may not be presented during the hearing. 

Where a referral relates to training, an OPT representative may be present. Where the referral relates to lack of progress on a research project (dissertation, thesis, advanced project), your research project chair may be present. Your department and the committee may ask other school employees with knowledge of the referral to attend the hearing or to submit written material in lieu of their presence.

If your hearing runs longer than the scheduled time or if more information or documentation is needed, a continuation hearing may occur.

 Your Role (Referred Student)

You should be prepared to respond to the referral during your hearing. You may not present additional written materials during the hearing. The deadline to submit your written response is stated in your Notice.

Your failure or refusal to respond to the allegations set forth in the referral will be deemed an admission of the factual matters contained therein.

 Hearing decision:

A hearing decision may include but is not limited to: 
  • No Action

  • Academic Development Plan (ADP)

  • Dismissal from The Chicago School