The FA, consisting entirely of Forensic Masters and Doctoral Level students, was initially established to provide a more effective means of communication between all forensic students and the forensic teaching staff.

    Through monthly meetings with current professors at TCS, the lines of communication are maintained by bringing student concerns to the forefront of each discussion.

    The FA also organizes community outreach and volunteer opportunities for all students of TCS to take part in, enabling our surrounding community to remain our constant focus.

Forensic Center Information
The upcoming newsletter will feature Forensic Center information about current initiatives and available viewing times and days. Below is the contact information for Ali McMenamin, the Forensic Center information rep: [email protected]

* Please include the initiative and professor you would like to view in the email and she will be able to provide the necessary confidentiality agreement.

Forensic Ambassadors Club
If you have any questions regarding FAC, please contact us at [email protected]