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Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union is a student organization founded upon African principles striving to achieve greatness in all endeavors. As a people committed to academic excellence, we also pride ourselves in diversity and public service in the great Los Angeles area. As professionals at TCSPP, we focus on educating our communities on mental health care and serving as advocates for a better sense of self. Our goal is to advance TCSPP's mission of diversity in the local community through sponsoring outreach programs and agencies throughout Southern California.

Black Student Union Updates

‚ÄčBeginning January 2021, the Black Student Union began publishing monthly BSU newsletters that all TCSPP SoCal students are invited to read! This newsletter includes information about upcoming events, highlights recent BSU work, and introduces the BSU community to TCSPP. Check out the first monthly installment here: BSU Newsletter Volume 1 - Jan. 21.pdf!

How to Join?

You can become a member by attending one meeting and one event per semester. Membership is also contingent on student's willingness to work in underserved and unrepresented African American communities. 

Contact Us

Interested in getting involved? Contact [email protected] to learn more!