Frequently Asked Questions

​Email and logins

Q: How do I reset my password?
A: If you forgot your password, you can reset it using the password reset self-service tool.

Q: What is my School Login ID?
A: It's the same as your username. Your username is the first part of your email address before the

Q: How do I connect to wifi on-campus?
A: Faculty can connect their laptops and mobile devices to the wireless network named, "faculty" using their username and password. (Username refers the part of your email address before the

Q: How do I log in to the library web site? 
​A: Enter your username only (not your full e-mail address) all lowercase, and the same password you use for faculty email. 

Q: How do I get school email on my phone?
A: The Help Desk recommends using Microsoft's Outlook mobile app, which you can download from the Apple App Store and Google's Play Store. If you prefer to use your iOS or Android device's built-in mail app, step-by-step instructions are available for both iOS​ and Android.

Q: How can I resolve issues with a shared calendar (i.e. I open a shared calendar, but it is blank (has no appointments listed)).
A: Do the following steps to resolve calendar issues (use for Windows 7 only):
1In Outlook, click Mail
2. Click File
3. Click Account Settings
4. Click Data Files
5. Click Settings
6. Click Advanced
7. Uncheck Use Cached Exchange Mode
8. Uncheck Download shared folders
9. Click OK
10. Click Close
11. Restart Outlook
12. Verify you can see shared calendar appointments
13. Repeat steps 1 to 6 above
14. Check Use Cached Exchange Mode
15. Check Download shared folders
16. Click OK
17. Click Close
18. Restart Outlook
19. Verify you can still see shared calendar appointments ​


Q: How do I print to campus printers?
A: For instructions on how to use the Web Print facility from your personal laptop or lab computers to school-owned printers, view the Web Print instructions​.

Q: Where can I find instructions on using the campus Toshiba printers?
A: For instructions on how to use the black-and-white printers, view For instructions on how to use the color printers, view


Q: Why can't I find The Chicago School in the Canvas mobile app?
​A: Search for this URL:

Q: How do I forward Canvas messages (AKA Conversations) to my school email?
  1. Log in to the MyChicagoSchool Student Gateway​
  2. Go to canvas by clicking the link at the top of the page ("Go to Classes")
  3. Once in Canvas, select Account in the upper left hand of the screen. A menu will slide out from the left side of the screen, select Settings.
  4. When the settings page comes up select the option on the right side of the page that says, "+ Email Address"
  5. Add your email address you want to send Canvas messages and notifications to.
  6. Follow the instructions from the pop-up window from Canvas. When the email has been registered with Canvas it should show up below Email Addresses on the right side of the settings page.
  7. When the previous steps are completed you then need to click the notifications button in the upper left corner of the account page.
  8. When on the notifications page you then want to change the "Conversations" settings. Conversations are what Canvas calls messages or emails through their system.
  9. Select the check mark on the "added to conversation" and "conversation message" under the conversations tab. This will send notifications to the email when someone messages you in Canvas.


Q: How do I download and install SPSS on my computer?
A: Our Software page has links to download SPSS 23 for MacOS and Windows, the software license keys, and installation instructions.

Q: I already have SPSS installed. How do I update my license key to keep the software functioning?
A: For instructions on how to update the SPSS License key go to our Software page

Q: How can I get GoToMeeting access to host meetings for classes?
​A: Email a support request for GoToMeeting access to the Help Desk​

Classroom technology

Q: How do I use the Black Box in classrooms, including projector use?
A: To use the Black Box in classrooms, including projectors, view the Black Box Classroom Guide.

Q: How do I use the Podium in classrooms, including projector use?
A: To use the Podium in classrooms, including projectors, view the Podium Classroom Guide​. ​​​​