Writing and Learning Support in DC

The Office of Student Writing and Learning offers three appointment options for DC-based students seeking help with writing or statistics:

  1. In-Person Appointments
  2. Virtual Meet Online (e.g. Zoom) Appointments
  3. eTutoriong Asynchronous Appointments - Your writing coach will email you feedback within 48-72 hours of your appointment date, depending on how you schedule.

Scheduling Options:

  1. Access the CANVAS WRITING SUBMISSION PORTAL​ and follow instructions for submitting work.
  2. Email [email protected] to request an in-person meeting.
  3. Access WCOnline, our online appointment scheduling system.


  • Self-guided writing lessons, including paraphrasingDC Writing Center in Canvas 
  • Writing reviews: CANVAS WRITING SUBMISSION PORTAL or via WCOnline​
  • Self-Guided Resources: The DC Writing Center offers free lessons in effective writing, grammar, and APA format. Our resources are available through Canvas, not on websites. All DC Campus students should be enrolled automaticallyStudents can complete a single lesson or entire modules in the course's five sections:  
    • The Writing Process: How to make writing easier, faster, and ethical. 
    • APA Format: format, citations, references, and special rules. 
    • Mechanics: Grammar, punctuation, syntax, and usage 
    • Principles of Effective Writing: Organization, clarity, precision, unbiased language. 
    • Strong Sentences: The heart of good writing. 


A writing specialist or coach will review drafts of student papers or other writing and return it with comments and revision suggestions. For advance reviews, please submit your writing at least 72 hours before a paper is due in a class so you can revise based on our suggestions. You also can submit writing for general feedback at any time. We return papers in Canvas in the same place they are submitted. (Students also can use this portal to obtain a Turnitin score without it affecting the Turnitin score for a regular course.) 


To set up a personal consultation by phone, email, or video, or to meet face-to-face in the center in Room 430 of the North Campus, email [email protected] or call 202-706-5005Appointments are available with Writing Specialist Jennifer Veech or with a student writing coach during the day or evenings, including on weekends.  


For doctoral students, the DC Dissertation Center in Canvas offers manuals, forms, templates and other information for your dissertation or thesis journey -- including how to get specialized help with IRB applications, methodology, research analysis, writing, and copyediting. 


This special Canvas course offers detailed lessons and exercises in paraphrasing, ending in an optional exam. To be enrolled, email [email protected].  

Questions? Email [email protected]We are happy to enroll you in any of our free Canvas courses.  

 NOTE: Our Canvas centers are only for students at the Washington, D.C. Campus of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. If you attend at another Chicago School campus, please contact your home campus Writing Center through the links accompanying this page.  

 DC Campus Contact

General Contact:

DC Writing Specialist
Jennifer Veech