picture of The Chicago School ID
  • It is required that a student bring their ID card with them to campus at all times. IDs are to be worn and visible at all times while on campus.
  • Temporary IDs are issued at the Wells security desk. After three times of not having an ID, a replacement must be purchased for $15.
  • In addition to allowing access to The Chicago School campus, ID cards may be required to enter buildings, for elevator control, and to access building common areas. 
  • Online students with a residency requirement will receive their ID card during the first day of residency.
  • ​An online student without a residency requirement may contact [email protected] to request an ID card.
  • Please notify the campus Facilities department at [email protected] immediately if your ID has been lost or stolen. Replacement ID cards are available from the Facilities department for a cost of $15.