Federal Work Study, Fellowship & Volunteer Positions

A "Community Assistantship Position" (CAP) is a Volunteer, Federal Work Study, or Fellowship position through Community Partnerships that offer students opportunities to participate ​out of the classroom and into the community. The Community Partnerships Department builds relationships with organizations that will benefit the professional and personal development of students at The Chicago School ensuring a variety of experiences working with diverse populations. Students may dedicate 2-10 hours a week at their chosen site. Community Partnerships and Career Services host a Job & Volunteer Fair on the Chicago campus in the fall and spring. Available positions are made availble to the Chicago campus students the week before the Fair.

The following are examples of our Community Assistantship Program:
  • Help with data collection for an organization that works with individuals involved with the criminal justice system
  • Co-facilitate discussions with older adults and lead activities
  • Deliver a social-emotional learning curriculum to Jr. High students
  • Provide one on one tutoring/mentoring for youth in low-income communities

Students interested in pursuing a Federal Work Study position through Community Partnerships should complete the Federal Work Study eligibility form found under Financial Aid.

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