TCSPP requires all students to maintain continuous enrollment during the full academic year (fall, spring, and summer terms/semesters) either on their home campus or a host campus. The home campus is the campus in which the student is actively enrolled. A host campus may be any other TCSPP campus or an institution with which TCSPP has an approved dual or joint degree program. All students are expected to register for courses prior to the start of the related term/semester and ​academic year.. See the "Registration" section of the Student Handbook for more details.  


TCSPP has a self-registration system set up to ensure an easy and efficient registration process for each of​ your courses.  An on-ground student must register for courses each semester during the designated registration period as published on the Academic Calendar to avoid a late registration fee or administrative withdrawal. Courses are available on a first-come, first-served basis. TCSPP does not maintain wait lists for closed courses.

An on-ground student will be notified of the designated registration date(s) and times available via myChicagoSchool. A student's registration time is based on the total credit hours earned as of the prior semester. One week prior to Open Registration period begins, student will receive an email for preview the course schedule.  Course schedule information is available through MyChicagoSchool by clicking "My Courses" and then "View My Schedule".  During the Open Registration period, students may register for courses and​ modify their course schedule. Once Open Registration ends, online registration closes, and the Add/Drop period begins. Questions regarding course schedule and/or registration can be directed to Student Support Counselor at 800.595.6938.  ​

Information on first semester registration for a new on-ground student is contained in the academic program Welcome Letter posted to myChicagoSchool. The new student must register for courses by logging into the Academic Portal. A new student who is admitted during the Add/Drop period must work with Admissions to obtain the approval of the Department Chair to register for courses.​

All online programs have a pre-determined course sequence, and an online student is registered by the institution following that sequence. A student is registered multiple terms in advance, and the course schedule is available through myChicagoSchool.

A new student who is admitted during the Add/Drop period must work with their Student Support Counselor to obtain the approval of the Department Chair to be registered for courses.  This information is available through myChicagoSchool by clicking "My Courses" and then "View My Schedule". Questions regarding course scheduling and/or registration can be directed to your Student Support Counselor at 800-595-6938.​​​


The Add/Drop period begins on the first day of the term/semester and ends on the first Sunday of the term/semester. For new students, the Add/Drop period is the cancellation period.

During Add/Drop, a student may register for additional courses or remove courses from the course schedule. Department Chair approval is required for adding or dropping courses during the Add/Drop period. A student may request to add or drop a course by completing and submitting the Add/Drop Form prior to the Add/Drop deadline. An Add/Drop fee is charged per form submitted. After the Add/Drop deadline, courses may not be added to the course schedule.​

​After the Add/Drop deadline, a student who wishes to drop a course must complete and submit an Add/Drop Form to the Student Support Counselor​. A student who drops a course after the Add/Drop deadline will receive a grade per the Administrative Grade policy. Dropping a course after the Add/Drop deadline may result in a prorated refund of tuition per the Refund Policy and may have financial aid implications.  See the "Registration" section of the Student Handbook for more details.   ​

 Account Holds

Account Holds

You will not be permitted to register if your account is on hold. Please review your account in the Academic ​​Portal prior to the start of the registration period to ensure that your account is clear of holds. All registration holds must be resolved before you will be able to register. 

Please contact your Student Support Counselor regarding account holds.

 Registration Tutorials and Tips

Registration Tutorials & Tips 

Course registration is managed through the Student Academic Portal or through . To access the Academic Portal, log on to and click on "Access Student Pages".  Please click on the Course Search Registration Tutorial​​ for detail instructions on registration.  

Please review the following designed to make your registration experience as trouble-free as possible.    

Tips & Tricks

  1. Verify your Academic Portal username and password: A few days prior to your registration, log on to the Academic Portal to verify that your username and password are working. Report any problems logging into your ePortal account to the IT Help Desk at 1-800-747-8367.
  2. Be Patient: When you log into the registration system, remember that – due to high access volume – the system may be sluggish. Please be patient. If you see a white screen this most likely means that your browser is trying to load the page. Do not exit the system or click multiple times – this may delay your access to the page or time you out of the system.
  3. Use appropriate technology. The Student ePortal is web enabled, and the registration site may not function properly if you are using a non-supported browser. Recommended browsers with supported browser versions include:
    • Windows:
      • Internet Explorer 11
      • Google Chrome 38.0
      • Firefox 31.0
    • Apple:
      • Safari 6.2  7.1
      • Firefox 31.0
    • Internet Browsers: ePortal  may not function properly if you are using a non-supported browser. Recommended browsers with minimum supported browser versions include Chrome 38.0, Internet Explorer 11.0 and Firefox 31.0 for Windows. Also, Chrome 38.0, Firefox 31.0 and Safari 6.2  for Macintosh users.

 Schedule of Course Offerings

Schedule of Course Offerings

You can now register and search for course details such as sections, seat availability, class meeting time, location with real time update from our system by logging into the link .   Questions regarding specific courses should be directed to the Department Manager of your academic program. 

Once your initial registration has been completed, you may search for different courses or make schedule adjustment in the Academic Portal or via  during open registration period as indicated on theAcademic Calendar  Select the appropriate term/semester , enter your search criteria (course code), and click “Search.” Please refer to the Course Search and Registration Tool Tutorial for more information or contact your Student Support Counselor at (800) 595-6938.



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