​​Student Life Forms & Documents

Do you need to get your CPR certification? Is your current CPR certification about to expire? Send an email to your Associate Director, Student Support Services, Jacob Torres at [email protected] and he will be happy to assist you.
Please include the following information in your email:
Phone Number

  • ​​Communication Forms
  • Foreign Graduation Letter Request
  • CPR Certification / Re-Certification
  • Conner Questionnaire – "What’s Your Learning Style?" by Marcia Conner is a questionnaire that can help students identify their preferred learning style(s). It can be useful to complete the questionnaire at the beginning of your nursing school career and then again two months down the road after you have had a chance to see what material you will be required to master.
  • Learning Strategies – Once you have identified your preferred learning style(s), you can use study strategies that make the most of your natural talents. Don't forget to look over the other category options. You might find one you’d like to try!
  • Learning Styles – Visual aid for classroom presentation of the concept of learning styles.
  • Petition to Graduate Form
  • Pointers for Test Taking Success – Visual aid for classroom presentation. Some tips for beginners and a look ahead at what will be on the NCLEX.
  • Test Anxiety – Visual aid for classroom presentation of test anxiety: overview and strategies for overcoming it.
  • Time Management – Visual aid for classroom presentation of time management, with suggestions on how to apply the principles.
  • To-Do List for Time Management Tasks - A one-sheet-per-day way to prioritize tasks and practice time management. Great tool!
  • Work Life Study Schedule – Practical advice from Dartmouth College on how to fill in your calendar so you won’t fall behind in your class preparation, will make the most of your in-school time, will make higher grades on your tests, and won't lose your mind.