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Tim Downing

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Tevera is a comprehensive educational software that makes it easier to manage placement sites, track hours, and house training records.  This data management system will be utilized to assist with the student practicum/internship placement process, store information related to training sites, track student performance and function as the official hours record for training experiences.  This data management system will serve as the official academic training record storage facility for licensure or certification purposes.  One of the key benefits of Tevera is that it will align with your programs learning outcomes, accreditation standards (if applicable) and each students’ individual state licensure and/or certification requirements.  We believe these factors will create a better user experience for students as well as support them throughout their post-graduate career.  Your records will be stored in your academic file within the university’s record keeping system. If you have questions about access, please contact the Office of Placement & Training at [email protected] 






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