IRB News & Updates 

Important: TCSPP IRB will be moving to a new online IRB submission system starting on May 9th.

As of April 30th, no new IRB applications are being accepted. The IRB will also not accept responses to applications in InfoEd Global after May 24th. This allows for the current responses to be reviewed and processed prior to the shutdown of InfoEd on May 31st. Any responses that are submitted through InfoEd Global after May 24th will be immediately returned to you (PI) via e-mail with instructions on how to resubmit through our new system Cayuse.

Key Dates to Remember:

  1. May 9th – Cayuse Go-Live
  2. May 16th – save a pdf of your current InfoEd application (Q&A Form, Documents, CITI Completion Report)
  3. May 24th – last day to submit a response for current submissions in InfoEd 

I am currently in the IRB review process via InfoEd Global, so what does this mean for me?  If you have not completed the IRB process (received an exemption notice, expedited approval letter or Non-Human Subjects determination) by May 16th, you will be instructed to download a PDF document of your current, ongoing Q&A form and all subsequent documents for resubmission through Cayuse. You will need to submit a new application in Cayuse for the further processing of your application. Instructions for these procedures will be provided after May 9th.  

Legacy Submissions

If you have an approved application in InfoEd and would like to submit further submissions (e.g., addendum (known as a modification in Cayuse), renewal, study closure, etc.), you will need a Legacy Submission. A list of studies approved in InfoEd will be sent to Cayuse on Monday, May 9th to create the legacy files. This is proposed to take 2-3 days. Therefore, you will not be able to create a legacy file on May 9th but should be able to create a legacy file by May 13th. As soon as the legacy files are created, we will send an IRB update email with instructions on how to create your legacy submission. 

Please note:  You will need a PDF copy of your most recently approved Q&A form, supplemental documents (CITI Training, recruitment, consent, study measures, etc.), and approval letter for your own records if an addendum (modification in Cayuse) submission needs to be created in the Cayuse system. 

Canvas Page – IRB Training and Guidance

All students who submit to the IRB now have access to the IRB Canvas shell, entitled, IRB Training and Guidance. This shell should now show up on your Dashboard in Canvas. Currently, there is a lot of resource information for students and faculty to review. As more information is sought and becomes available, there will be updates as appropriate.