IRB News & Updates 

Revised Informed Consent Template: ​In compliance with the new federal regulations​ regarding informed consent, a revised Written Informed Consent Template is now available on the IRB website. Researchers are required to use this template to develop the written consent form to be used for their research study.​

​IRB Guidance Documents: Several documents have been created to assist faculty and students with the submission process. 

  • ​IRB Cliff's Notes for faculty - These notes are meant only to be a quick reference/reminder to guide the process.·         
  • General IRB Checklist for faculty and students – Use this checklist when preparing the Q&A form to prevent common errors.

These documents may be viewed on the Additional Resources page. 

For research that involves evaluation of a treatment or program manual by an expert panel please send an email to [email protected]. Some research of this type involve having an expert panel provide feedback about the manual by completing questionnaires.

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