IRB Modification​

Throughout the course of a study, researchers may wish to make modifications to their research proposal. These changes may include modifications to any of the following:

​research designresearch procedures​​subject population
​consent form (written or oral script)​recruitment procedures​research title
​data collection materials (e.g., questionnaires, surveys, etc.)​recruitment materials (e.g., advertisement)​dissertation/thesis chair

In accordance with federal regulations the IRB must review and approve all changes to previously approved research prior to implementation. Modification requests may be submitted any time after initial study approval and will be processed upon receipt.

The implementation of proposed modifications to your study may not begin until IRB approval has been obtained.

IRB Application Renewals

In compliance with Federal Regulation, Continuing Renewal of your study is not required if one of the circumstances below describes your research:

·         My research was granted Exempt Approval.

·         My research study was granted Expedited approval after January 21, 2019.

·         My research has progressed to the point where it only involves data analysis, including analysis of identifiable private information.

 If the above statements do not describe the status of your research, then Continuing Renewal of your study is required. Please login at​ to locate your study record and complete the electronic continuing renewal request process.

Failure to submit the Continuing Renewal form or respond to the renewal notification email prior to the expiration date will result in automatic termination of the study until a new application can be submitted and approved.​