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Form Name:

Reason to use this form:

Accessibility Accom​modations Request  

Request accommodations covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990

Add/Drop Form

Request to add or drop a course during the Add/Drop period

Articulation Agreement Registration Request
Request to take a course in another TCSPP program of study if Articulation Agreement eligibility requirements are met.  A student should contact the department chair before completing this request. 
Articulation ​Petition-BA ​For undergraduate students petition for early entry to the master's program.  A student should contact their Student Support Counselor before completing this request.

Certificate of Immunity - DC Campus Only

For degree-seeking students under the age of 26 attending the D.C. campus, the Washington D.C. Department of Health requires confirmation of immunization prior to enrollment in school.

Course Substitution Petition
Request to take a course outside of the published program of study to substitute credit hours to meet the degree program requirement (cross-program/campus registration, study abroad, course waiver).  This petition is to determine applicability to a degree program and financial aid eligibility.
Credit by Examination Form Request to take a Credit by Examination for Bachelor or Master-level course only at the discretion of the department faculty and the approval of the department chair.
Duplicate Diploma Request

Request for a diploma replacement or duplicate.

FERPA-Request for Hearing Following Denial to Amend Education Records

Request a FERPA hearing due to denial to amend Education Records.

FERPA-Request to Review-Amend Education Records

Request to amend or review education records

FERPA-Request to Withhold Directory Information 

Request to withhold directory information unless authorized by written consent

FERPA-Student Authorization Release Form

Allow the institution to share confidential information in the education records with a third party

Grade Appeal Request

Appeal a final grade change for a course

Incomplete Grade Request

Request an Incomplete grade

Leave of Absence Request

Request a Leave of Absence in between term/semester or prior to the Add/Drop deadline

Online Course Request A ground student request to register for an online course during any semester prior to the Add/Drop deadline  

Program Change Req​uest

Request to transfer to a different program/ campus, change Area of Focus/Study or concentration, or declare minor.

Reentry Petition

Petition to return to the institution within 364 days of your withdrawal

Reinstatement Petition

Petition for reinstatement as part of the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) process for a student placed on Academic and Financial Aid Probation status

Religious Reasonable Accommodation Request
Request reasonable accommodation for a student's religious observance or practice.
Student Complaint Intake Form
Request a formal complaint resolution when informal resolution of a student complaint is not possible.
Student Personal Information Change Request  
Request to update Name/Social Security Number/Birthdate/Citizenship on the academic record due to a legal change or error correction.
Graduate Transfer Credit-Course Waiver Petition 

Petition for graduate transfer credit or to waive course content

Withdrawal Request

Request a withdrawal from the institution