​​​Annual Security Reports

​For information on ​campus security reports, click here. ​​​​

Responsible Leaders​

Each TCSPP camp​us has a Respon​sible Leader. The Responsible Leaders are:


Michael Crawford, Associate Campus Dean, mcrawford​[email protected]h​echicagoschool.edu​, 312-467-2262

Dallas, XULA, and College of Nursing and Advanced Health Professions (CONAHP)

Lance Garrison, Campus Dean, [email protected], 469-941-8360

Anaheim, Los Angeles, and San Diego

Christine Oh​​​, Assistant Campus Dean, [email protected], 213-283-4246


Alisha DeWalt, Campus Dean, adewalt​@thechicagoschool.edu, 312-​488-6012​​

Washington, D.C.

Dorothy Collins, Campus Dean, dcollins4@thechicagoschool.edu, 202-706-5056

SAC Dismissal Appeal

WIth the exception of the VN and AAS-N programs, a student has the right to appeal their SAC dismissal to the Responsible Leader of their home campus as listed above. A student in the VN or AAS-N program has the right to appeal their SAC ​​dismissal to the Dean of Nursing.​

Tonya Sawyer-McGee, Dean of Nursing, [email protected], 469-941-8331​​