Title IX Incident Reporting Form

Who should use this form?

This form should be used by any TCSPP Community Member to notify the Title IX Coordinator of a possible violation of the TCSPP Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment, and Title IX​ Policy which covers sexual harassment and sexual misconduct, including but not limited to sexual violence, sexual assault, stalking, dating violence and domestic violence. If your report involves a different type of incident, please use the Student Complaints process, found in the catalog.

This report will result in the Title IX Coordinator initiating a preliminary investigation of the allegations and information contained in this report. Alternatively, you may contact a confidential advisor who can explain your options for reporting to TCSPP. A confidential advisor can be reached by calling the YWCA at 1-888-293-2080. To obtain a confidential advisor, please call the hotline​, identify yourself as a member of the TCSPP Community, and ask for a confidential advisor. ​Note that filing this report does not result in a report to local law enforcement. If you would like to file a police report, please contact local la​w enforcement.​

If you have any questions, would like any additional information or would like assistance with completing this form, please contact:

Jennifer Stripe Portillo
Title IX Coordinator
Phone: 213.615.7264
Email: titleIX@thechicagoschool.edu 

To access the Title IX Incident Reporting Form, please click here.

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Title IX Office



​Jennifer Stripe Portillo

​​Title IX Coordinator​​

​(213) 615-7264​​


Dr. Lauren Friedman

​Deputy Title IX Coordinator

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Title IX Support Staff

Jill Glenn​

(312) 410-8991​​​​​

Jennifer Hostutler​

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Dr. Wendy Schiffman​

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