CPT is the benefit of off-campus employment in the form of an internship or practicum. CPT must be an integral or required part of an established curriculum and is required to register for the course that is associated with the requirement of practicum or internship, paid or unpaid. It is your responsibility as a student to ensure that you have the proper work authorization for your internship and practicum experiences while at The Chicago School​. Please review the CPT application​ under the For​ms section. You must apply for the benefit of CPT and have CPT approval before begin your employment.  
Please be aware that CPT authorization is per semester only.  Once you register for the following semester for the course that requires training, you will apply for CPT extension following the same process below. If your Job Offer letter is still valid from previous semester, you do not have to re-submit.
The following document should be submitted to your DSO at least one month before the start date of your Practicum​/Internship and the latest 2 weeks prior to the start date.  It is illegal to work without a proper CPT authorization and you could lose your F-1 Status. 
  • CPT Application Form​ ​signed by your Academic Advisor 
  • Job Offer Letter in the Employer's Letterhead and must include the required information on the template (letter example is on page 2 of CPT Application Form)​